The first thing you’ll do is create a submission form or a call for submissions or applications. To do this, select the Forms page from the navigation bar in your. The first step of the submission process is to create a Submittable account, or sign in to your existing account. When creating an account, you will be asked for . Watch a short, instructional video on How to Create a Review Form In addition to our basic Yes/No/Maybe rating system, Submittable offers the ability for.

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Otherwise, the alert will be sent to the general email specified in your organization’s profile. Go to the organization’s website and look for their submissions page.

You can also specify the maximum number of files from 1 to 75 that submitters are allowed to upload. In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to connect Google Sheets and Submittable, with as many as 42 possible integrations.

Read more on Response Templates. To re-order the fields, drag and drop them within your form. To delete a field, hover your mouse over it, and click on the Trash Can icon in the upper right-hand corner of the field.


Choose the cteate of files you would like to allow the submitter to upload. If you don’t already have a Submittable account, you’ll be asked to create a free account when you visit Discover. Deleted rows will appear as blank rows in your spreadsheet.

When someone submits content to you through Submittable, you may want to archive a record of that. With this Submittable Salesforce integration though, those days are over.

Are you ready to find your productivity superpowers? To edit a field, simply click on the field and make your preferred changes. Now after you receive a new submission, a contact will automatically be added to your contact database.

How do I create or edit a submission form? | Submittable Help Center

Add an App Integration. It’s important to keep tabs on your business relationships, both those that are low- and high-touch. Check the Hidden box to hide this form from your form list. Did this answer your question? Add a new form by clicking the Create Form button in the upper right-hand corner of your Forms tab.

See All Submittable Integrations. Once you have submitted to the organization, you can check the status of your submission by logging in to your Submittable account. New Custom Object Triggers when a new custom object of the type you choose is created. Or, go directly to the Forgot Password page. If you would like to offer submitters the option to purchase a subscription, membership, merchandise, or other payable goods or services, optionally enter one or more Add-on Payments.


Getting Started With Submittable Guide

The Form Designer is where you create the submission form that your submitters will complete. To learn more, see our help article about Discover. Any team creaye at or below the level number chosen will not see author-identifying information. Like the Form Designer, the Review Designer has a toolbox on the right-hand side of the screen.

Click the Review Designer tab. Read more about Blind levels. For more information, see our help article on submission statuses.

Google Sheets + Submittable Integrations

Save new accepted Submittable submission data to Google Sheets Your accepted Submittable submissions are the most important of the lot received. Sometimes doing so can mean manually entering pages of subbmittable into your CRM. Optionally choose a Success URL that submitters will be redirected to after they have successfully made a submission.

Other Ways to Connect Salesforce. Submitters will only be able to access your form if you send them the direct link.