Directorio general para la catequesis (Spanish) Paperback – 1 Nov ); Language: Spanish; ISBN ; ISBN Merece especial atención la primera de dichas instrucciones32, la que lleva por de la Iglesia Católica, o del Directorio General para la Catequesis de Directorio general para la catequesis at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Edice – – Softcover.

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The latter derives from the sacraments of initiation which oa received as infants, “who have been already introduced into the Church and have been made sons of God by means of Baptism.

The important forms of the ministry of the Word are: Often, emphasis is given only to his humanity without any explicit reference to his divinity; at other times, less frequently today, emphasis is so exclusively placed on his divinity that the reality of the mystery of the Incarnate Word is no longer evident; To those who contemplate this harmony, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and local catechisms together express 199 “symphony” of faith, a symphony inherent above all in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which has been drawn up with the collaboration of the entire Episcopate of the Catholic Church, a symphony harmonized with this and manifested in local catechisms.

The Spirit causes her to grow constantly in her understanding of the Gospel, prompts her and sustains the task of proclaiming the Gospel in every corner of the world.

The fact that catechesis, at least initially, assumes a missionary objective, does not dispense a particular Church from promoting an institutionalized programme of primary proclamation to execute more directly Jesus’s missionary command. In catequesiis school of Jesus the Teacher, the catechist closely joins his action as a responsible person with the mysterious action of the grace of God.

This option is not exclusive” but implies “a commitment to justice, according to each individual’s role, vocation and circumstances”. AAS 71pp. The work of revising the General Catechetical Directory undertaken by the Congregation for the Clergy, was conducted by a group of Bishops and experts in theology and catechesis. The profession of faith, the liturgy, the morality of the Gospel praa prayer in the Catechism of the Catholic Church all catequexis a trinitarian inspiration, which runs pxra the entire work.


In truth, there is present in catechesis the faith of all those who believe and allow themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit. He who is converted to Jesus Christ and recognizes him as Lord through the primary proclamation of the Gospel begins a process which, aided by catechesis, necessarily leads to explicit confession of the Trinity.

Also in these situations adults are also in need of different types of Christian formation.

Directorio general para la catequesis

The process of evangelization, consequently, is structured in stages or “essential moments”: Without any sacrifice of the essential truths they must transpose this message into an idiom which will be understood by the people they serve and those who proclaim it”; Of particular catechetical value, amongst these documents of the Petrine ministry of Pope John Paul II, the following are of special importance: In this case too and expecially if presented by teachers with a sincere respect for the Christian religion, religious instruction maintains a true dimension of “evangelic preparation”.

It gives light to the whole of existence and dialogues with culture.

ppara Both activities are essential and mutually complementary: The Christian faith is, above all, conversion to Jesus Christ, full and sincere adherence to his person and the decision to walk in his footsteps.

Baptismal identification with Christ.

Students “have the right to directofio with truth and certainty the religion to which they belong. Indeed “this Christian initiation which takes place during the catechumenate should not be left entirely to the priests and catechists, but should be the care of the entire Christian community, especially the sponsors”.

While both of these texts are of the greatest importance, they are not the only texts available.

In this way catechesis, situated in the context of the Church’s mission of evangelization and seen as an essential moment pars that mission, receives from evangelization a missionary dynamic which deeply enriches it and defines its own identity. All aspects and dimensions of the Christian message participate in this hierarchical system. Pedagogy of God, source and model of the pedagogy of the faith In this chapter the relationship of catechesis with the other elements of evagelization, of which it is itself an integral part, is demonstrated.


Index of /catequesis/directorio/pic_directorio

It is the task of catechesis to show who Jesus Christ is, his life and ministry, and to present the Christian faith as the following of his person.

The third chapter presents a more direct analysis of catechesis in itself: Prayer is open to all personal and social problems. And he said to them, ‘to you has been given the secret of the kingdom lx God'”. They know that the Word is Jesus Christ, the Word made man and that his voice continues to resound in the Church and in the world through the Holy Spirit.

It is not possible to reduce the various forms of religious instruction in schools, which have developed as a result of accords between individual states and Episcopal Conferences. Thus, with inculturation, evangelization encounters one of its greatest challenges.

Congregation for the Evagelization of Peoples, Guide for Catechists. This first moment of interest in the Pqra requires a period of searching to be transformed into a firm option. The right to life, work, education, the foundation of a family, participation in public life, and to religious liberty are, today, demanded more than ever.

And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates ” Dt 6: Catechesis, “distinct from the primary proclamation of the Gospel”, promotes and matures initial conversion, educates the convert in the faith and incorporates him into the Christian community.

It is this harmonious genetal of the Gospel which converts it into a profoundly meaningful event for the human person. The content of that deposit is the word of God which is safeguarded in the Church.