Heidegger, Martin, The Self-Assertion of the German University and The. Rectorate / Facts and Thoughts, Review of Metaphysics, (Mar .). of this “Heidegger controversy” (Thomson ) shows that it has long had the .. Heidegger’s Rectorial Address lays great stress on the need for scientists to. Martin Heidegger wanted his writings to speak for themselves. The necessary new edition of the Rectoral Address, which appeared in Prance in in a.

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But the roots of the sciences in their essential ground have withered. It may even appear that there is no enemy at all. The speciality is a speciality only if, from the very outset, it places itself in the realm of this spiritual legislation and thus tears down departmental barriers and overcomes what lets profes- sional training lose itself in what is stale and counterfeit.

Together, science and German destiny must come to power in the will to essence. Does this essence have genuine strength to stamp our being Ddsein ‘! If we will the essence of science understood as rectoril qtoestioning, unguarded holding of one’s ground in the midst of the uncertainty of the totality of what-is, this will to essence will create for our people its world, a world of the innermost and most extreme danger, i.

To preserve at least a trace of this aura, I have translated the term below as ” ‘high’ school. According to this statement, only this successor could be considered the first National Socialist rector of the University of Freiburg, a man who, himself a veteran, assured a fighting-soldierly spirit and its spread at the university.

The participants in the camp took note of the address, but did not discuss it further.

The University was to be laced with reliable party members; this was to make it possible to appoint party members, first of all to the deanships. Furthermore, as Heidegger was quick to point out, the Nazis were from the beginning uneasy about his allegiance.

They are done in. However, this quote is not to be found in Heidegger’s writings.

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As far as the content is concerned, four points should be singled out: One only has to heed a second point. Thus exposed to the most extreme questionableness of its own being Daseinthis people wills to be a spiritual people.


One might object that no one could have foretold the barbarous character of the Nazi regime that early. T here is no doubt that Heidegger soon realized that his adventure in public life had gone disastrously awry.

In this address, he argued for a revolution in knowledge, a revolution that would displace the traditional idea that the university should be independent of the state:. With every passing day I found myself ever more occupied with matters that, given my real concern, I had to consider unimportant.

If we will this essence of science, the body of teachers of this university must really step forward into the most dangerous post, threatened by constant uncertainty about the world. Indiana University Press,pp. Questioning is then no longer a preliminary step, to give way to the answer and thus to knowledge, but questioning becomes itself the highest form of knowing.

Rectoral address at the University of Freiburg, original German. For example, in one speech Heidegger stated:. Questioning then forces our vision into the most simple focus on the inescapable. The “White Rose Letters” hidegger their call for resistance to other universities.

Martin Heidegger and Nazism

Yet neither the aforementioned disdain nor approval of his National Socialist credentials counts for much in itself. He felt he was a part of the revolutionary movement, and it was his intention to keep opportunists away from the revolutionary awakening.

There was hope that in the faculties a tradition of the scientific spirit might be preserved and given new life.

After Hitler’s “Peace Speech” of May 17,Heidegger more likely wanted to test Staudinger, because as a chemist his researches could become dangerous. The way Heidegger conceived of the revival of the university, this became clear to me on the occasion of a memorable event. Some National Socialist education officials viewed also him as a rival, while others saw his efforts as comical. In Germany, the atmosphere of those days has been described by Sebastian Haffnerwho experienced it himself, as “a widespread feeling of heifegger, of liberation from democracy.

Rectotial “function” gradually became apparent. The task of thought is to help limit the dominance of technology so that man in general has an adequate relationship to its essence. Finally new heidegher of Being aedress Time and the Kant book were not allowed to appear, even though the publisher had already procured the necessary paper.

A translation by Francois Fedier of both the retrospective remarks of and the Rectoral Address appeared in Le Debat, no. But he managed to eliminate any real opposition almost immediately. But Heidegger’s word was law. Fehrle then told me that as far as colleague Wolf was concerned, the faculty ehidegger law, too, wanted a different decanal appointment. The beginning has invaded our future. During the entire time of my rectorate I did not take part in any deliberation or in discussions, let alone in the decision-making of the party rectotial and of the different party organs.

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However, Heidegger did not mention that this qualification was added at the time of publication, and was not heideggwr of the original lecture. No doubt, Martin Heidegger was caught up in the mood that seemed to promise a fresh start for the nation, as were also many of those who later became resistance fighters. I stuck to my refusal. In keeping with this fundamental conception and attitude the address bears the title: Everyone was in a position to know what I thought about the German university and what I considered its most pressing concern.

All hopes were dashed. The Chris- tian-theological interpretation of the world that followed, as well as the later mathematical-technological thinking of the modern age, have separated science both in time and in its concerns from its beginning. aderess

Full text of “Martin Heidegger – The Self Assertion of the German University “

Heidrgger Becoming Heideggered. The state has transformed itself. From it it draws rectrial strength of its essence, supposing that it still remains equal to this beginning. The point is that our words and actions acquire meaning not in a vacuum but in a particular social and historical context. Heidegger soon manifested signs of impatience, then he shouted with a loud voice that irritation strained: And they will do so if, and only if, we — this body of teachers and students — adrdess the one hand expose science to its innermost necessity and, on the other hand, are equal to the German fate in its most extreme distress.

I explained to the Student Leader that as long as I was rector, this notice would find no place in this university.