BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel is Ethiopian religious writer and leader of Ethiopian Muslim. Tag Archives: Ahmedin Jebel. Ethiopia: Euphoria and mixed feelings as prisoners of conscience walk free. by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (February 14, ) A. Over political prisoners released including Ahmedin Jebel,Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega, and Kinfemichael Abebe.

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BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed

Pharaohs become what they are primarily because their subjects let them. Given the level of anger, I predicted that the protest would not be a silent one. They preached peace, justice and the birthright to live like a human being.

One liberty that gets specific treatment is religious liberty which the author concludes requires a separation of religion and state for its proper jebsl.

A conclusion that underpins the entire book is its unflinching dislike for dictatorship and its support for liberty and rights. Reports of the brutal crackdown started to circulate on Facebook and distress call for help were arriving via SMS.

The author uses the Old Testament, which is also recognized as a religious text in Islam, in a bid to build a communal spiritual terrain on which Muslims and Christians can have a joint ethical conversation.

Women, children, elders and youth were indiscriminately attacked. Ahmdein is a real story in a country where justice, fair-trial, freedom, human rights and dignity are revoked from its vocabulary.

BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed

Moses also embodies the characteristics of what a great liberation leader should be like — he was patient and persistent, he was polite and honest, and while he was brave in the face of threats he was also a humble man who understood his weaknesses. I was certainly kidding and she was also smiling. He emphasizes that the separation of religion and state is critical for a multi-religious society such as Ethiopia and that no one group should use state power to oppress or discriminate against others.

A source of peril or prosperity for the Somali Region? Jumping in and out of scripture the author draws a picture, which at points looks like a blueprint, of how dictatorship is to be resisted, how dictators will react to such resistance, and what needs to be done to ensure success for the eventual realization of freedom, justice, and rights.


Perhaps, watching the silence they managed to break and the dissent they lead against the brutal regime snowballed to create the ongoing change in the country could partially mend their wound. He can be reached at AbadirM. In the face of a brutal authoritarian state that needs no reason to attack citizens, the Ethiopian Muslims rocked the nation from east to west-north to south with sensationally peaceful and exceptionally coordinated in-mosque protests.

Thomas University School of Law. I might have been joking but it was exactly what happened to me.

To witness such a magnificent example of jegel and peaceful struggle in a country with no record of such practice and, most of all, from the least literate segment of the society was kebel. It is a real story I myself witnessed. Although one cannot say with confidence that the author has succeeded in building a common discursive terrain on which both Christians and Muslims would be equally comfortable, he has no doubt started laying strong foundations.

Breaking the Silence: the Day Ahmedin Jebel, Ahmed Mustefa and myself were kidnapped

On my way to the taxi station, I met my elder sister and told her where I was going. One of the interesting facets of how he does this is that, while being extremely critical of what he describes as pharaonic political systems, the author is also ever cognizant of the fact that the book itself is being written in a pharaonic state. My stay was too short to count but too hard to forget.

The crackdown left many with serious injuries and countless others received abuses of all forms.

My wife was washing clothes. When the Imam concluded the prayer, the area instantly zhmedin into a spectacular open theater where the tens of thousands of protesters showed symbolic gesture of protest artistically with an extraordinary coordination. The role of social media and mobile messaging were immense and the way it was used ahmmedin another history we proudly tell for generations to jebell.

The second ground-breaking aspect of the book is that it may also be the first attempt at cross-religious discourse in Ethiopia. If 20 days incarceration continues to haunt one for more than five years, how long would Ahmedin Jebel and Ahmed Mustefa who suffered in jail for years have to wait before starting life afresh? Addis Abeba, May 12, — The author wrote the book during his time in prison, where he remains for over four and a half years at the time this review is published.


Book Review: ‘Pharaoh: The Symbol of Dictators’: By Ahmedin Jebel – Addis Standard

They prayed peace for their motherland, love for its people, coexistence with their neighbor, patience against the brutal crackdown and a repeated call zhmedin justice. Thus, as much as the book is a commentary on the story of Pharaoh and Moses, and its theological, ethical, and political implications, it is also a compelling story of a religious intellectual who is forced by a set of shocking experiences to re-read familiar religious texts in a wholly new way.

Without any hesitation, I decided to attend and personally experience for the first time what I had been watching on social media for couple of months. The microphones that were once used as an ugly propaganda machine for the government fell on the hands of the oppressed. The book is a pioneering work of Ethiopian literature for two reasons. They demanded their constitutional right to qhmedin respected. The scars of the inhumane treatments, the beatings, derogatory insults and blatant denial of justice I personally witnessed together with close to a thousand innocents souls still lives with me.

But no doubt, their full recovery will wait the day Ethiopian Muslims start walking their head held high ahmerin enjoy their long-due full rights as citizens. Ethiopians, both Christians and Muslims, should consider this book as a call for action and take steps to collaborate with him, and amongst each other, in order to complete building this common ground or common grounds by picking up where he left off.

It was amedin sunny morning. But they made it and they made it with an outstanding commitment and remarkable flexibility in strategies.