The Kuzari was written by Judah Halevi (Spain, – ). Originally Sefer Kuzariספר הכוזרי. מחבר: יהודה 2 English, 3 Hebrew3 עברית, 2 אנגלית. Versions. the kuzari is not in stock right now a new print will be ready in a few weeks you can order the book now and it will be sent when we will have copies. “The Kuzari: In Defense of the Despised Faith” is the first new translation into English of The Kuzari since , annotated and explained based on the classic .

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The position of the Jewish literati in the world of Arabic culture during the period under consideration was extremely marginal. He was a Spanish Jewish poet who composed a book on Jewish theology that captured the attention of many Jews.

All that is good and correct in the messages of the proph- ets can be attained via the human intellect that, in principle, every human being is endowed with equally, while those parts of the messages that cannot be proven by human intellectual emglish must be rejected as invalid. You can help by adding to it.

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See also Erwin I. However, Judah ha-Levi is against limiting philosophical speculation to matters concerning creation and God; he follows the Greek philosophers in examining the creation of the material world.

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Buy the selected items together This item: Get to Know Us. Due to this necessary aspect, these laws precede in nature and in time that part of religious doctrine that rests on traditional obligation. Harvard University Press,95— Isadore Twersky Cambridge, MA: Macmillan,8: Ebstein, Philosophy, Mysticism and Esotericism, 48— See also David E.

These writings were aimed at exclusively Jewish audiences and as such could have no real resonance among the wider circles of Arabic culture.

The work is divided into five parts, and takes the form of a dialogue between the pagan king of the Khazars and a Jew who had been invited to instruct him in the tenets of the Jewish religion. Although the Kuzari failed to stem the philosophical flood which, at the time of the appearance of the work, was inundating Judaism, [ further explanation needed ] it exercised a great influence upon the theologians. Read more Read less. Besides the 12th-century Hebrew translation of Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbonwhich passed through eleven printed editions 1st ed.


The third essay is devoted to the refutation of the teachings of Karaism and to the history of the development of the oral tradition, the Talmud. It is regarded as one the most important apologetic works of Jewish philosophy.

Had a trustworthy tradition that the world was created out of nothing been known to Aristotlehe would have supported it by at least as strong arguments as those advanced by him to prove the eternity of matter. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

As Jews—members of a small and scorned group in the Muslim realm—these literati were excluded from the central arenas of Arabic culture, and saw themselves as such. And two commentaries of two students of Rabbi Shlomo Ben Menachem: Here I will restrict myself to a very short and general survey.

Jewish Philosophy > The Book of Kuzari

From the names of God englisg the essence of angels Judah passes to his favorite theme and shows that the views engllsh the Prophets are a purer source for a knowledge of God than the teachings of the philosophers.

Still, relying upon tradition, the Jews believe in ” creatio ex nihilo ,” which theory can be sustained by as powerful arguments as those advanced in favor of the belief in the eternity of matter. He exposes the pagan-originated practices—theurgical methods based on human judgment—as useless and unfounded. Among the topics discussed: According to the radical thinkers, the pretense of these prophets to the right to receive divine revelation was fundamentally false.

He impresses upon the king the fact that the favor of God can be won only by following God’s precepts in their totality, and that those precepts are binding only on Jews. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Because Jews are genetically superior – because of their different, more elevated body and soul – even a person who converts to Judaism cannot reach the levels of Halevi’s Jew.


Kuzari II, 26 [60]; II, 60 [76—77], and more. The never-ending preoccupation with this multipronged debate enriched and fertilized Christian polemical literature.

The result is a richly-rewarding learning opportunity one that provides a compelling look at timely answers to timeless questions as they relate to the human condition in a modern world. This unique faculty is activated when Jews observe Jewish rituals, and the faculty makes it possible for Jews, and only Jews, to come into contact with God and receive divine help.

In the same vein, in Kuzari I, [39], the Khazar king prepares to attribute to the adherents of Judaism the belligerent behavior he attributed to the adherents of the ruling religions of Christianity and Islam in I, 2. In his Kuzari 1: The list of these invalidating criteria was formulated so as to present Islam in particular as inauthentic, but the Christian writers also tried to show that, with the exception of the one authentic Christian religion, the rest of the religions, including Judaism, were also inauthentic.

This is an essential read for anyone who wants to get a clear picture of HaLevi, the great medieval Jewish poet and superstar. Fathers of the Church, Inc.

Thenceforth, these directed most of their interest in theoretical matters toward philosophical literature. If the law were binding on us only because God created us [and if it would be available to all], the white and the black man would be equal, since he created them all.

Routledge and Kegan Paul,—9.