Buy the JVC RMLP55U RM-LP55U at Full Compass. The JVC RM-LP55U is a remote control unit for KY-F55BU 3-CCD All-Purpose Color Camera (Less Lens). Effective March 1, JVC Professional Products Company is offering to extend the Manufacturer’s Warranty to 3 years (parts & labor) at no charge on the. Only when the frame rate of the [ SlotA_B Frame & Bit Rate] and [ SlotB_B Frame & Bit Rate] items in the [Record Format] menu of the camera recorder is set to.

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If during Quick Review, the record trigger is pressed, playback stops and recording begins immediately. Furthermore, using r-mlp55u global shutter, the design minimizes wobbling during quick pans and fixed pattern noise in low light conditions, contributing to a more stable image. Menu items are easily selected using user-friendly setting cross keys.

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This design also provides for future expansion. A thumbnail view of all rm–lp55u clips in the current folder shows the content of each clip at a glance. Inputting External Synchronizing Signals Genlock. A fully digital interface provides all of the camera’s viewfinder indications: Selecting and Performing Operations on Multiple Clips.

Connect the remote cable of the remote control unit to the [REMOTE1] terminal located at the terminal section of this camera recorder.

JVC Rm-lp55u Full Function Hand Held Remote for Ky-f32u and Ky-f55u CCD Cameras | eBay

You can also manage folders to keep your clips organized, and check the remaining free space on a card. MPEG2 long GOP is the jjvc widely accepted broadcast standard compression supported by all popular editing systems and broadcast servers.


When the H phase is set using a remote control unit, only the Rm-kp55u phase of the SD signal is activated. The camera features an “image flip” function that corrects for the inverted image produced by prime lenses.

Functions Operable from the Remote Control Unit

For example, in a scene with varied illumination, the mvc may wish to meter an individual’s face, and set the exposure accordingly. Versatile input switching and independent channel assignment allow both mic and line-level sources such as wireless receivers to be connected, and rml-p55u power is available on each XLR connector independently.

Using the Image Stabilizer. Damaged clips due to improper eject, etc. Modules effectively become part of the camera with no unsightly exposed cables. The display is also backlit, making it easy to operate under all lighting conditions. The file format and data rate of the clips on each card will be identical.

After playback, the last image is retained freeze until the menu is reactivated. For details on the functions operable from the remote control unit, please refer to Functions Operable from the Remote Control Unit.

Power 9VDC Provided by the camera. JVC’s Focus Assist turns focusing into a fast, easy and accurate process. See any errors on this page? Menu Display and Detailed Settings. The SP mode records at a constant bit rate of either Dealer locator Contact us Product database.

JVC Rm-lp55u Full Function Hand Held Remote for Ky-f32u and Ky-f55u CCD Cameras

Turn off the power of the camera recorder when connecting a remote control unit. The handle has been rk-lp55u for better carrying balance, and to accommodate wearing gloves in cold weather. As the scene changes, the exposure can be corrected precisely to the desired subject. We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order rm-kp55u item, but you will not be charged until your item ships.


The compact media recorder provides status information on its built-in LCD screen as well as on the camera’s viewfinder. Clips can be protected from accidental deletion or deleted if no longer needed. Recording in SD provides a time-saving alternative to down-conversion of HD jvvc for SD broadcasts, which is still an industry standard in many countries worldwide.

No signal is available when playing back rn-lp55u HD recording. Extensive fm-lp55u options are available including shading, paint, iris, gamma level, knee, gain, shutter and black level. Connect the remote control unit to the camera recorder. Functions of Network Connection. When the trigger is pressed, the live signal is appended to the cache recording, giving the shooter a head start in getting the shot. The LED can be turned off with a menu choice.

In the HQ mode, the encoder operates with a variable bit rate average of 35Mbps. Its sturdy reinforced die-cast aluminum chassis and LED light source ensure years of trouble-free operation. Focus and zoom operations cannot be performed using the remote control unit.

JVC Pro Technical Description

Manual lets the videographer set the portion of the image to monitor. Modules are installed to the rear panel chassis connector, and are powered directly by the camera.

This is ideal when “in camera editing” is preferred. Functions vary with each unit.