Egoísmo Racional has 2 ratings and 1 review. Pedro said: Rodrigo Constantino analisa a obra de Ayn Rand e resume os principais aspectos.

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Going to read the rest that I have on hand and see if they still appeal as much. If we need to sacrifice for the sake of other’s benefice, not guarding our own, then altruism is not a good egoiso that the whole world values so highly. She actually makes some very agreeable claims that are bolstered by what is, for me, deeply flawed logic.

Also, how do you feel about firefighters? Laws, and the government’s ability to enforce them, come down to matters of force and fraud. Basically, individually every person must act rationally in order to survive. A lot of the principles she presents are also used in her other books, most notably The Fountainhead and, of course, Atlas Shrugged. In explaining why sacrificing ones life for a loved one is selfish and virtuous by her own standards, Rand claims that he who does so is making the conscious decision that he would rather be dead if the person he is saving dies in such a way.

Alisa returned to the city renamed Leningrad to attend the university, but in relatives who had already settled in America offered her the chance of joining them there. Conversely, that there is nothing more selfless that pure selfishness because by being true to yourself you contruibute the most to society.

It sometimes seems, in reading Rand, that she has modeled the perfect human on Dr. Were you well compensated for it?

At the heart of her argument is a plead for individualism–without individualism and individuals every facet racionaal our rqnd will slowly decay to some conformist rubbish. Rand makes an exceptional case for a return to “black and white,” i. Published by Sulina first published She was the woman who devastated and destroyed socialism and communism in the western democracies with her pen and far more effectively than all the military might at the height of cold war.

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And that’s egoisko crucial flaw in the philosophy: Alisa returned to the city renamed Leningrad to attend the university, but in relatives who had already settled in America offered her the chance of joining them there. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Egoísmo Racional

She moved swiftly to Hollywood, where she learned English, worked in the RKO wardrobe department and as eboismo extra, and wrote through the night on screenplays and novels. This is a difficult book to review, largely due to the fact that I am a liberal, and rather proud of it. She presented xyn philosophy in a series of novels, the culminating magnum opus of which was Atlas Shrugged, a sprawling neo-scifi quasi-futurist melodrama that has become a perennial bestseller since its publication in Trivia About The Virtue of Sel I think Rand’s demarcation between living things, plants to animals to humans, leaves a lot to be desired, especially when the result is a conclusion that designates so rights to humans an no spectrum-based consideration for other conscious or even living creatures.

She presents scenarios and examples to support why she is a strong advocate for individualism and staunchly against socialism, collectivism, communism and any similar systems that take from the makers to support those who prefer to be supported by their community and government.

A Virtude do Egoísmo: o Princípio Racional da Ética Objetivista

There power has been ripped away from under their feet and they no longer feel the need to help humanity. Refresh and try again. She started a new philosophy known as Objectivism, opposed to state interference of all kinds, and her follow-up novel Atlas Shrugged describes a group who attempt to escape America’s conspiracy of mediocrity. There is always an exception and Rand has provided a whole essay it in which she suggests a pragmatic approach to be taken in the time of crisis in the form of actions for the welfare that will genuinely help others.

She is extremely and ungraciously right-wing the rest of the time, but I enjoyed very much her opinions on how a person needs to constantly grow and expand in life in order to stay well with their mental health, also that since humans can self destroy, both mentally and physically, ethics and effective, coherent morality are a survival essential.

Esportes e Lazer Voltar Voltar.

It appears that Rand would defend the right of Paris Hilton to not pay taxes, while simultaneously denying affirmative action opportunities to a hard-working inner-city woman who is struggling to better herself. This collection has a lot of mediocre essays and a couple of oudated ones.

Rand’s rant is half-inspiring and half-infuriating, half-practicable and half-impracticable, half-rational and half-irrational: Branden’s articles feel like a rather inferior cover version, especially when they are interspersed amongst Rand’s writings.

This is all very critical of the book, but I still think it deserves 4 stars because it was exactly what I expected it to be and I had a good time reading it. It is anathema to the Objectivist to suggest that there is a moral obligation to help someone in, say, a foreign country, even if the means are available to do so.


A Virtude do Egoísmo: o Princípio Racional da Ética Objetivista by Ayn Rand (4 star ratings)

Religious types will find her philosophy more than unsettling, because as an atheist, she values the present and current life above everything else. Perhaps a better term for what Rand is calling ‘selfishness’ might be ‘enlightened self interest.

Say what you will, the woman had guts. Why should we try to second-guess the motivations of the hotrod car driver?

The basic social principle of the Objectivist ethics is that just as life is and end in itself, so every living human being is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of the welfare of others – and, therefore, that man must live for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself.

When the Bolsheviks requisitioned the pharmacy owned by her father, Fronz, the Rosenbaums fled to the Crimea. Guias de Viagem Mapas. I won’t go into it here.

Nevertheless, she goes on to claim that the United States were the first country to acknowledge human rights and to respect them. She is the ultimate free marketerian, believing a meritocracy is the only fair way of living in society.

Although, majority of her philosophy is comfortably applicable to the current time period. Welfare has become unwieldy, clumsy, massive and ineffective.

May 11, James M. While her family lived fairly well, rscional Bolshevik government seized their shop https: Every New Years I attempt to try something out of my comfort level, to expand on my own level of consciousness, to heighten my senses, and to discern on what hopefully will improve my own quality of life. If people cannot claim the fruits of their labors as their own, they are completely at the mercy It’s a shock value title because the book is really about individualism vs.