Amber Diceless Role-Playing: Diceless Role-Playing System [Erick Wujcik] on My absolute favorite roleplaying game and my first edition book that I have had. AMBER Diceless Role-Playing is a system set in, and designed around Roger Zelazny’s Amber universe. It features a unique (for its time) diceless resolution. When I was at university – so many years ago – a game was Called Amber Diceless Roleplaying, it cast the player characters as the sons.

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It is assumed that players will portray the children of the main characters from the books — the ruling family of Amber, known as the Elder Amberites — or a resident of the Courts. The game is unusual in that no dice are used in resolving conflicts or player actions; instead a simple diceless system of comparative ability, and narrative description of the action by the players and gamemasteris used to determine how situations are resolved.

This page was last edited on 5 Augustat While a character with Pattern, Logrus or Conjuration can acquire virtually any object, players can choose to spend character points to obtain objects with particular virtues — unbreakability, or a mind of their own. This page was last modified on 19 Decemberat Instead, lower bidding characters are ranked in ascending order according to how much they have bid, the characters becoming progressively weaker in that attribute as they pay less for it.

Further, a character with a bid-for rank is considered to have a slight advantage over character with a bought-up rank. The Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game is a role-playing game created and written by Erick Wujcikset in the fictional universe created by author Roger Zelazny for his Chronicles of Amber.


Character Creation [ edit ] Characters have four stats: Not the case in a Throne War. It will primarily be one or two people talking, with others contributing a much lesser amount.

They are all fairly powerful and fucking expensive, so it’s a good idea to try to have enough points left over after the auction to actually buy them, usually by getting some prices worked out so you can get a budget together ahead of time.

A page companion volume, Shadow Knight[4] was published in PsycheStrengthEndurance and Warfare. Retrieved from ” https: That’s the diceless part — thanks for showing up. Conflict resolution [ edit ] Always roleplayinv down to comparing one stat against another. As rolellaying as representing luck, stuff can be seen as representing a character’s outlook on the universe: PatternLogrusShape-shiftingTrumpand magic.

Amber Diceless RPG – 1d4chan

Alternatively, if characters’ attribute ranks are close, the weaker character can try to change the relevant attribute by changing the nature of the conflict. And, because you were rarely working together, that meant something. Part of this comes from a lack of knowledge about the setting.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Since a player cannot control another player’s bids, and since all bids are non-refundable, the auction involves roleeplaying considerable amount of strategizing and prioritization by players.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Through the competitive Auction, characters may begin the game vying for standings.

So, you had to talk to them.

Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game

It’s all based on Roger Zelazny’s “Chronicles of Amber,” where everyone is immortal and have reality-hoppng solipsist powers like the Post Bros. The initial bidding helped set up the rivalries between the characters.


Both books were translated into French and published by Jeux Descartes in and And the Dungeon Master also needs to concentrate on other matters. For example, if two characters are wrestling the relevant attribute is Strength; a character could reveal a weapon, changing it to Warfare; they could try to overcome the other character’s mind using a power, changing it to Psyche; or they could concentrate their strength on defense, changing it to Endurance.

And, happily for those unfamiliar with the novels, the rulebook contains a useful summary of their events, though only as described in the novels because the narrator is not necessarily infallible and most GMs also tinker with the setting to their- look, basically, expect a lot of variety between Amber experiences. The remainder of the book is a collection of essays on the game, statistics for the new characters and an update of the older ones in light of their appearance in the second series, and perhaps most usefully for GMs plot summaries of each of the ten books.

The book is page after page about character generation, a chapter about setting, and like three sentences on conflict resolution. You’re immortal, so it’s nothing to hop to a universe of slow-time and spend 15 years to get a Ph.

When I was at university — so many years ago — a game was released based on the works of Roger Zelazny.