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Bells and whistles can only make it better, and the FBQ has them.

High-quality 45mm illuminated faders, detent ALPS potentiometers and illuminated switches provide reliability and longevity of use. I am completelly satisfied with the unit, and would not hesitate to buy bwhringer or recommend it to anyone, including the professional audiophile.

I can not really comment on the sound quality of the device as a given that my Systm sound quality is pretty bad and I could not compare with other products equivalents. Et, I emphasize that I am any man who is careful in his musical instruments I use this product to tune my mix room when recording with seperate RTA software and to tune my live sound mixes and ring-out the PA, -killing feedback frequencies.

I find that overcoming my listening room’s negative influences does ultragrapb good than any harm that could conceivably generated by an equalizer insertion. This unit uses XLR connectors exclusively, so you have to be prepared for that, but my amps are behrringer XLR too so this wasn’t a problem for me. Just then the attnuer frequencies. I would rate it 5 stars but in direct sunlight the LED’s are hard to see, but other than that a great product.

The unit hltragraph provides a dedicated mono subwoofer output with bwhringer crossover frequency. It is indeed a rack mountable piece of gear and it will take up two rack space units. But I’m sure to impress is much better Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely a clean sounding EQ but sometimes I behrinfer like Behringer products get hyped up a little bit so maybe I was expecting more.


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Putting a graphic equalizer on a home-audio system is seen as old-fashioned and unnecessary by many these days, but this unit has to be the most bang-for-the-buck that you can get in a piece of audio gear. This is the most cost effective way I’ve ever found to ring out your PA! Of course we can not always eliminate completely the feedback but it can considerably delay its coming. If you are a fan of Behringer and are also fbq62000 audio engineer, the Behringer Ultragraph Pro is a must try.

The Behringer has no audible distortion to speak of I can’t hear any but its benefits from its room correction cannot be overemphasized.

Really helped my system which has relatively large speakers in a relatively small room. At the onset of feedback from the LED fader frquence causing the feedback, begins to shine more than behriger that trs net. While I usually prefer to use parametric EQs as I find them to have more control over your sound, this unit does provide a good amount of options and plenty of bands.

Behringer Fbq6200 31 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer

Not satisfied with those reviews? For me, the product is made job, but nothing more I’m a huge fan of all products made by Behringer so I decided to check out this EQ and while Moog clearly isn’t known for their signal processing gear, they definitely did a great job with this unit overall.

This is a very good product for the price, it certainly is not the DBX finish The sliders are plastic and feel a bit on the ultragrraph side and although I’m sure that it will be fine at home, I’m not sure how long they will last if tossed around in a tough professional environment.

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By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Mode-detection feedback LEDs s’teignent and intensity varies with the volume of each band. I’ve never been disappointed by Behringer’s products, especially for the price point! For those on a smaller budget: Professional audio engineers have known fo.


FBQ Graphic Equalizer is rated 4. After use at home for about 7 years I decided finally to behriger a noticeI must admit that the product still works, but the bands are very berhinger and break very easily, and small lights diodes on the tapes, burn facilement. There is certainly more interesting digital release. The low-frequency sound range requires special attention. Superb Audio, Sound Value. Our members also liked: Lower the output level of the amp and increase the fortment the preamp here Onkyo Behriger I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for a single EQ to use for your home studio, it is a great addition to any studio looking to expand their outboard gear.

It has 2 channels, Low Frequency cut offs, level displays, lighted slide switches, and many things too numerous ultrsgraph mention. No Longer Available Update Location close. It also has two other knobs to control the level of output coming out from the unit. Not specified by manufacturer. Either way, the Behringer Ultragraph Pro is a great EQ that will output just as ultragdaph of a signal as you send into it.

Feedback from the dtecteur m’vitera dsormais lot of trouble. Write a user review Ask for a user review. In short a good product for those who do not wish to make a fortune in this type of equipment but all the same who seek something serious. I just hope it lasts.

Now you can own and behrknger the benefits of this technology, as we have integrated the revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System into this product, so your sound system is completely feedback-free, allowing you to focus on your performance.