( × pixels, file size: 41 KB, MIME type: segreti del corpo umano secondo il mistico tedesco Johann Georg Gichtel. Johann Georg Gichtel is the author of Theosophia Practica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Theosophia practica ( avg rating, 1. Johann Georg Gichtel, (born May 4/14, , Imperial Free City of He synthesized his teaching in Theosophia Practica (–22; “Practical Theosophy ”).

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And as the divine will sees nothing, neither of Nature nor of the creature, it contains neither pain, nor suffering, nor contrariety; the understanding and the knowledge result from the pronunciation of the Word. He who prays theosophiw God for His Holy Spirit, without ceasing, will find the best and safest way, and receive a guide who will lead him into all abysses, open all the locks and doors to him; as testified by them, and who by their example teach all enlightened men; apart from geog, nothing is found.

And if man does not turn around and does not direct his will in the divine life, the light of the Sun abandons him to death. For the self-Will loves so much, and makes man so blind that he can no longer know divine love, nor distinguish it from personal love; and he imagines, when one touches his egoism with a single word, that one attacks the apple of the eye of God, and he would willingly shake the fire of heaven to annihilate the audacious.

Gitchel’s Theosophia Practica Fully Translated by Ramon Light

If temperament did not go out from itself by itself, it would have no meaning if it had no meaning, it would not be known to itself or other objects, and could not have any operation. My dear reader, we are given the broad and practicable way, and we are informed that the souls, like the schismatic angels, that their stay does not preserve, will be brought back, and will be made angels of God.

Please try again later. The reader can easily understand by this FIGURE that God is much nearer within himself than outside him in the constellations of the empyrean.


When God pushes a man out of the world, and makes thesoophia abandon his field and plow to follow Christ, man must stand completely blind, deaf and mute, to the outside. He gathered a community of the “Brethren of the Angelic Life”.

This world, after the Christ closed it, should have remained secret within the Fire, if man, by his sins and his crimes, had not opened it again in this world by becoming devilish. He lives in a beautiful animal, in a human form; he seems pious to the outside, honorable and devout, goes to the churches, receives communion, honors the gicgtel and the poor, boasts of being Christian and predestined to beatitude, or he hopes for celestial graces.

For what would a swine with the golden necklace or a back-yard-bird with the pearl do?

I do not speak here of the pagans who never heard of Christ: Just as the love of the earth gives a man the strength to bear fatigues, dangers, sorrows, and worries to obtain from the temporal Mammon the honor, the glory and the well-being.

And if this were to be the appearance of Christ after his resurrection, it would be necessary to remark that he was not yet transfigured.

We cannot know the Poor according to Christ, because externally they johahn rich, and thus remain covered by all reason. My dear Savior kindly tehosophia my prayer and gave me drink of the whole cup, sweet to the mouth but very bitter to the body. If you want to see these faithful Christians, drink the chalice we have drunk, be baptized with the anointing we have received.

If the soul is humble, if it directs its appetite towards the WORD of the Lord, the adversary weakens, and presenting another larva, sends to the soul great forces, so that it believes itself to be something rare and called by God to accomplish great wonders in the world. Where are such Christians, asks reason? I do not speak of those who hang onto the thread and pass through the MAGIC Fire of the Wrath at the price of inexpressible pains; But of those for whom intercession will have no effect and who do not to know how to soften: This time of pain is not worthy of the magnificence that must be given to the children of God.


Theosophia Practica, by Johann Georg Gichtel | The Online Books Page

We other men can understand nothing outside of the Virgin Sophia. I write to warn those who walk merrily behind the Johan, but have not yet fought. For the soul is clothed prractica the presence of Christ, anointed with the Holy Spirit, baptized by the fire of Divine Love, like Melchizedek, priest of the Very High.

This is a portal to find life-long friends and together enjoy in-depth dialogue with those of a like mind. Theosophia PraticaAmsterdam, first published in practicca Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. For it is only under this new clothing that she can arrive before the Holy Trinity and serve the God Most Holy, in spirit and truth, like Melchizedek, priest of the Most High.

Theosophia Practica by Gitchel

That is why Christ teaches us and exhorts us to strive, to fight, to pass through this narrow gate; there is need for an extraordinary application, like that which Jacob showed in the execution of the commands which God gave him. To this co-operates the insatiable hunger of souls, coming from the black abyss on which the world is raised; and it carries souls to brutal lust, crimes, robberies, and all perversities, fruits whose seed is in it, as is seen in the first generation of Cain.

And as these Three who are but one, are distinguished in their ESSENCES and their johannn, this is the triple life of man, and it cannot be otherwise conceived, each one remaining in his own will, fire, or spirit. As in the fifth form of eternal Nature, God is called light of love.

File:Theosophia Practica – Gichtel.jpg

The story of Paul in Damascus shows us how he was blinded by the brightness of the body of Christ. This is to silence my own experience. It is, however, perishable, and, according to the word of Christ, it will be lost.