Avery® Easy Peel® Address Labels, Permanent Adhesive, Clear, 1″ x 4″, 1, Labels () Add a custom printed-on look to all your mail with these Easy Peel Clear Address Labels. The Easy Peel label sheets with the Pop-up Edge® let you peel and apply labels in a snap. Blank Label Printing Template – PDF & Doc Download. 20, Mailing/Shipping Label, Avery® , , , , , , , ™, PDF. Address Labels, Shipping Labels, Inkjet labels, Laser labels & more factory direct with Online Labels same day shipping.

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Offer to create MS Word label templates.

Avery 5161, Avery 5261, Avery 5661, Avery 5961, Avery 8161, Avery 8461 Compatible Template

Added new templates for Avery reference numberwith 20 labels per sheet also aevry for reference tempalte, andand Avery reference also suitable for reference numbers,,,, andfrom a request from Moody-Blue. No problems, and you’re very welcome.

Is this possible now? I am doing a mass release at a festival and have literally hundreds of books to label for an official bookcrossing zone. Mail Merge also available I hope there aren’t too many examples of this – I can cope with most limitations of the new site, but actual loss-of-data is a major “ouch”!

Sorry if I wasn’t clear before.

Blank Label Printing Template – PDF & Doc Download

As a result I think I “printed” a couple of new sets of numbers Thank you JamesUK – you are a star! The books’ details weren’t entered. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you what ‘mail merge’ is? To do this ten times for pre-numbers where they were assigned as ten batches of ‘s wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes for anyone So the site has no way of knowing that you did use them.


Oh, and I’ve set up an RSS feed too, if that’s your thing; http: Re-uploaded Avery33 per sheet template, as spotted typo. I do not have a single one I used them all up. Templare that case, I can’t, either.

Blank Label Templates

I know that I have journalled the books with the pre numbered labels but I really can’t figure out averyy it says I still have them. We just heard from Matt about the status of the prenumbereds, and this is what he told us: The feature for using the numbers you already have is now in place.

Covert 8 yrs ago. The whole point of pre-numbered labels was that they are time saving in exactly this kind of circumstance. I don’t think you need to worry about that. At the agery I was short on books for wild releasing so I journalled them and then released them straight away.

Sorry, I’m just now seeing your edit, as I find it difficult to navigate the fora The several new groups of BCIDs being reserved for me the day before the switch was not due to any bookcrossing problems, but to my attempts to get the non-functioning printing working at my end. It looks like you didn’t activate them by writing a journal entry or a release note.


If the site currently thinks that those BCIDs are not-yet-activated, then whoever finds the books should be tdmplate to journal them and enter the book details at that time – though of course that may not happen for some time, if ever, and it wouldn’t restore anything you had put into your JEs.

James, you have been doing some mighty useful stuff. Are you sure you want to delete this item? Wouldn’t they have moved to be whatever status you set for them templaate your first journal entry, when you also did the ISBN look-up etc? I would love to be able to re journal them, but I’ve already wild released them all.

GoryDetails 8 yrs ago. Best example is say you run a club with members and do a monthly newsletter. Good to see from the odd forum posting that some people are templxte use out of the Microsoft Word label sheet templates I knocked up and uploaded to share at; http: I know that I don’t still have them.