Discourse on Colonialism [Aimé Césaire, Joan Pinkham] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Césaire’s essay stands as an important. Today as a new European universalism organizes itself, and U.S. led globalization experiments with manifest destiny. Aime Cesaire’s Discourse on Colonialism. Half a century later Aimé Césaire’s Discourse on Colonialism has lost nothing of its dynamism and incantory power. Robin Kelley’s introduction is a valuable tool.

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The country of foreign races must become once again a country of serfs, of agricultural laborers, or industrial workers.

Aime Cesaire eloquently describes the brutal impact of capitalism and colonialism on both the colonizer and colonized, exposing the contradictions and hypocrisy implicit in western notions of “progress” and “civilization” upon encountering the “savage,” “uncultured,” or “primitive. Seriously should be apart of everyday discourse because it colknialism written how long ago and too many things persist today. The book itself discoudse not without flaws, but it helped to spark a movement, of peoples rising up and a radical change in intellectual discourse.

Indeed, this was the intended?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Cet essai nous en apprends plus sur le regard oh certains occidentaux sur le reste du monde. What I love most, is the power it gives csaire, as an Arab, to tell those who try to convince me of their racial superiority, or those who are acting on self-imposed sense of authority to go fuck themselves. That would be an education that could never be called boring or irrelevant.

Aime Cesaire – Discourse on Colonialism | Baba Jallow –

People need to think more, and Cesaire really nailed some good points in this. Dec 30, mis fit rated it really liked it Shelves: He was only the latest in a long line of European conquerors that have subjugated and victimized millions discoures people since Kelly which is titled as “A Poetics of Anticolonialism.


I had first read the Discours years earlier in an undergraduate seminar.

Retrieved 23 September Jun 21, Magally Miranda Alcazar rated it it was amazing. They were communal societies, never societies of the many for the few. By no stretch of the imagination is colonialism out to do any good.

This the book that started it all.

Discourse on Colonialism

So that part was interesting because I know absolutely nothing about this guy. How is it that it hasn’t been pressed into my hands by dozens of friends? It occupies little space in the text, but I hold back from a fifth star because of the author’s naivety about the Soviet Union, which he tentatively suggests as an experiment for a better system.

Quotes from Discourse on Colo Listen to what every other voice of the hegemonic powers are saying and they are the same.

That’s something you can briefly Google, but Google shouldn’t be your main historical source. It is claimed that it is one of the pioneering works in the study of post colonialism. A civilization that uses its principles for trickery and deceit is a dying civilization.

This is a whole different topic altogether, but it’s also one of the reasons why I’ve been wanting to read more non-fiction, to learn in more accurate and pinned down terms. Cesaire writes all these in a passionate way and one cannot but be moved. I thought this was brilliant. Oct 13, Stan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 21, Chronics rated it really liked it. But you as an individual have to learn, take it all down or deconstruct it, in order to overcome it, and it’s a lifetime’s amount of work.

Trivia About Discourse on Colo Cesaire claims that the racism of Europe does not bother him. An Independent Socialist Magazine As I became exposed to social justice and began learning about racism folonialism a way you would never learn in school, I notice even amongst family members and people Cfsaire go to school with, even I have perpetuated it at some point, we all do, things such as Colorism, Anti-Blackness.


This he says paved the way for fascism. It had “overthrown, one after another, the ramparts behind which European civilization could have developed freely” p.

The statements of people like M. This happens to be one of my favorite books. This struck me as an entirely appropriate symbol. It is a matter of the Revolution – the one which, until such a time as there is a classless society, will substitute for the narrow tyranny of a dehumanized bourgeoisie the preponderance of the only class that still has a universal mission, because it suffers in its flesh from all the wrongs of history, from all the universal wrongs: For the colonized it is a humiliation and a perennial fall into the inferiority complex.

Great piece of rhetoric pointing out the fascist rot of Colonialis so-called civilisation. He writes that when millions of blacks were tortured in Africa, coolies were killed in India, no were tortured in Madagascar the people in Europe never raised an objection.

Claiming to civilize barbarism, colonization negates civilization. I honestly wasn’t sure what that meant at first and it’s something that I quite commonly see for books about topics that pertain to society. I haven’t heard of him til I found and bought this book. Apr 16, Hadrian rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 14 comments. Interesting in this connection is his commitment to surrealism, which had a similar ambiguous relationship to the official i.

Simply clothed in decent clothes. How is it that in a mere 78 pages, Cesaire can eviscerate whole toxic regimes of thought with such bracing sarcasm and withering humor?

Here Aime Cesaire does not write like diecourse theorist or an academician. And well, this is a very popular non-fiction book so what I’m saying isn’t much different.