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Netherlands – Working time – 2011

Maximum limit including overtime of 11 hours per day and 54 hours per week and an average of 45 hours per week over a 13 week period.

The decision about the request to adjust working time must be given to the employee in writing.

This applies also to other holidays off a religious or philosophical belief affects the nature of the work or business conditions in a way that resembles the days as mentioned before.

Employer is the person who requires the performance of work to another person employee under a contract of employment or a public appointment, in terms of exclusivity. Adbeidstijdenwet Hours Decree Article 5. The employer shall organize the work so that the employee performing on-call work consignatie does not exceed 13 hours of work in each 24 hour period.

Working Time Act Art.

Young workers shall not perform more than 45 hours and an average of 40 hours per week in each 4 week period. When starting night work for the first time, workers must be arbedistijdenwet the opportunity to undergo a health assessment. Rest breaks are required for workers who work more than 5.

TRAVAIL legal databases

The employer arbeidstijjdenwet take as much care as possible to ensure that the worker is able to take the consecutive period of leave in the period between 30 April and 1 October. Domestic workers shall enjoy at least 9 consecutive hours of daily rest.


Work and Care Act Wet arbeid en zorgdated 16 Novemberas amended and in force 30 June http: A domestic worker shall not perform more than 60 hours per week or 48 hours per week in average in each 16 week period.

Employers are obliged to organize the work of young workers so that they are able to pursue their education. The employer is required to consult with the worker about the request to change working hours.

Workers have the right to request changes in their working hours, provided that they have been employed for at least one year. Reference period s The 48 hour limit is an average over a 16 week reference period.

EUR-Lex – LNLD_ – EN – EUR-Lex

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Adjustment of Working Hours Act Art. At least one break must be of at least 30 minutes. Work arbeivstijdenwet a call to work during on call work consignatie is in general not taken into consideration when calculating the weekly rest period.

Work and Care Act. These employers must make their own arrangements with respect to the right to change working hours.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

If night work ends after In case of an increase in working hours a weighty business- or employment interest exists in any case where such an increase will lead to serious problems a of a financial or organisational nature; b due to the unavailability of sufficient work, or; c because the determined amount of full-time posts or the personnel budget is insufficient Adjustment of Working Hours Act Art. The duration of this leave arbeidstijdewet for a short period, determined according to standards of fairness.


The work and rest patterns will be determined by the employer in writing. The Working Time Act shall not apply to work carried out in connection with; – a disaster or a crisis, an unforeseeable incident or accident, and to other matters directly related.

Work and Care Act Art.

Workers can make a new request at most once every two years after the employer has granted or refused a previous request. Domestic workers shall be entitled to a rest break after 4 consecutive hours of work. Employee shall arbeidstijdehwet the person who performs work under the authority of an employer, subject to a contract of employment or a public appointment. Domestic work shall mean the tasks of domestic nature performed by a worker, of at least 18 years old, in the private household of the employer or arbeodstijdenwet its behalf.

Additionally, collective agreements may foresee that 48 hours in average over a week period can be exceeded if unforeseen circumstances or the nature of the work causes a fluctuating work volume, making the employee temporarily work more than in average 48 hours works, provided that this cannot reasonably be prevented by another work organisation OR if the employee mainly supervises other employees on behalf of the employer.

The employer who determines or re-determines a working time pattern for his worker will inform this worker of the working time pattern as early as possible, but at least 28 days in advance.

Following the performance of night work on three consecutive days, the employee has to be granted 46 hours consecutive rest.