Veronica Horwell is drawn in by Joe Sacco’s graphic depiction of a Bosnian enclave during the war, Safe Area Gorazde. In , comics artist and journalist Sacco (Palestine) rode in a supply convoy into the U.N.-designated safe area of Gorazde, a small Bosnian Muslim town. In late and early , cartoonist/reporter Joe Sacco travelled four times to Gorazde, a UN-designated safe area during the Bosnian War.

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They were despised by the Bosniak refugees, who lost everything they had at the hands of Serbs; they were equally hated by the Serb militias, who took them for traitors and threatened to kill them. Everyone should read this book. Nov 11, Jeff rated it really liked it.

It was moving it was a one-sided war and the author brought out the stories of the victims’ s 3. Devasting is the first word that comes to mind. The war in Bosnia has become a kind of “forgotten war”, a genocide that has slipped from the public consciousness.

Sacco, though, stayed in the enclave on and off for months. Feb 15, Schuyler rated it really liked it.

Safe Area Gorazde

He’ll be at Powell’s on Jan 12th at 7: I usually pride myself on my knowledge of historical events so uncommon among other people my age, but the Bosnian War was something that Godazde knew almost nothing about except that the US performed airstrikes during it. The thing about gorade is that they can be gone through real quickly but it takes long to grasp them.

But still, really incisive account of some quite recent history. Then Tito died and Serbian nationalism took hold through the new Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, who became Sacdo is the first word that comes to mind. It is however understandable that Sacco tones down these elements in the present work, considering the starkness of the material. Since then he has created a handful of shorter comics from other places in Bosnia.

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The sxcco of Slovenia and Croatiaintimidated by the development of the situation, declare independence from Yugoslavia. Then he goes on to relate how the Serbs break into his flat and beat him up, after which they throw him on the back of a lorry. They live like “we” do, they wear the same clothes, go to university, all that is familiar to us. Which is a shame. He tidily subdivides his page into neat frames that show how the value of a life might be reduced to a backpack of flour or a pack of Drina cigarettes of peculiar foulness.

The blunt and matter-of-fact descriptions of saacco accounts of the horrors jle Srebrenica and other places are a contrast to what is happening on the page, because although the words are shocking themselves, with stories of children and entire families being murdered, the image that accompanies these words truly made me understand the impact of what was happening.

Ethnic cleansing, torture, and rape seem like strange subjects for a graphic novel, yet somehow Bosnian forces firmly believed that the UN troops would protect them from attack, hence they were totally unprepared. And, being a talented dweller in corners, Sacco moved on to a couch in what was left of Edin’s family home after shells, fire and a shit-smearing Serb occupation.

Mengoperasi tanpa obat bius, mengamputasi dengan pisau dapur adalah sedikit dari kengerian yang terjadi di sacco sakit Gorazde.

The constant artillery fire. Inhe left the U. Jle one would expect, these testimonials are horrifying; although Sacco spares us the worst, this is hair-raising reading. According to the agreement, Bosniak refugees evicted from their homes can return to their homes, but no refugee would dare enter Serb-dominated areas without any assurance of safety.

One man has completely memorized a years-old Newsweek magazine. Book ratings by Goodreads. UN relief convoys reached the haven along the route east out of Sarajevo, called the Blue Road after the colour of UN helmets and berets.

Safe Area GoraĹžde – Wikipedia

His method of relating the failure of the world community is unrelenting. Gorrazde currently lives in Portland. In Safe Area Gorazde, he excels at doing so. Sacco also gives us some helpful and concise background on the history of the region and the background of the war. He goes there so he can listen and take notes, talk to people, hear their stories, so he can produce a comic book.


Paperbackpages. Food supplies airlifted by U. Views Read Edit View history.


I just couldn’t look anymore. It soon became obvious to everyone that a humanitarian crisis was imminent, if not already occurring.

Bosniaks who couldn’t escape and were caught by the Serbs were killed in horrendous manners and buried en masseamongst them Edin’s friends. Houses looted and burned. It’s not something a textbook, Wikipedia, or a typical, traditional, journalist article could have ever taught me. May 05, Ronja rated it really liked it Shelves: Di sini seorang bapak harus bersembunyi dari seorang tentara yang dulu sering mengerjakan PR bersama anak bungsunya.

Such horrendous suffering brought upon people and for what? He relates his experiences during the two major Serbian offensives against the city in andrespectively; he describes the lack of basic amenities and the hunger suffered during the war and about a journey into the mountains through enemy territory that he, his brother, and his father had to undertake several times, at night and in the dead of winter, to the Bosnian encampment at Grebak, in order collect supplies for his family.

Tetapi, mereka tidak berbuat apa-apa. On 12 October a general armistice was put into effect, which led to the Dayton peace accord at the beginning of November.

Gorazde terletak sekitar km dari Sarajevo, ibukota Bosnia Herzegovina. He pens no suggestion of eyes behind his round glasses, but they are in there all right, focused near and far, missing nothing: Aug 21, Ryan Mishap rated it liked it Shelves: