Gerrit Gerritzoon, later known as Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (October 28, , Rotterdam – July 12, Basel) was a was a Dutch. Answer: The Textus Receptus (Latin for “Received Text”) is a Greek New Testament Working with all the speed he could, Erasmus did not even transcribe the. Textus Receptus, or “Received Text,” (abbreviated TR) is the name we use for A part of page of Erasmus’s Greek Testament, the first “Textus Receptus.”.

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MetzgerBart D.

Textus Receptus – Wikipedia

The edition of contains the Latin translation of Erasmus and the Vulgate. Wallace enumerated that in 1, places are translatable Textus Receptus differs from the Byzantine text-type. Rather than doing their own critical work, most just relied on the well-known Erasmian text.

Erasmus suggested that he had consulted many manuscripts Cambridge History of the Bible, vol. In this judgement they have been criticised by Rrasmus F.

Jerome revised, the complete works of Seneca revised, copious notes on the New Testament, a book of similes, a large number of translations from Plutarch, the Adages….

Clark, the scholar who has examined more Greek manuscripts than most, admits that Erasmus did not create a new text, but texyus collated what tdxtus already there in the Manuscript tradition:. Johann Jakob Wettstein ‘s apparatus was fuller than that of any previous editor. The abbot praised Erasmus as a good theologian, knowledgeable in Greek and Hebrew, and an elegant Latin stylist.


For Hills, the task of biblical scholarship is to identify the particular line of preserved transmission through which God is acting; a line which he sees in the specific succession txtus manuscript copying, textual correction and printing, which culminated in the Textus Receptus and the King James Bible.

Only four of these were independent editions. Metzger based his retraction on the work of H. See Also The Praise of Folly. Many arguments about Erasmus and the Comma Johanneum are out of date. Edward Hills also defines Renaissance humanism:. Yet in the 3rd and for 4th editions of Metzger ‘s book “The Text of the New Testament” he retracted those statements.

Adagia Textus Receptus Apophthegmatum opus The origin of the term Textus Receptus comes from the publisher’s preface to the edition produced by Bonaventure and his nephew Abraham Elzevir who were partners erasmu a printing business at Leiden.

It is not to be conceived that the original editors of the [Greek] New Testament were wholly destitute of plan in selecting those manuscripts, out of which they were to form the text of their printed editions. The most egregious errors are found in Revelation Views Read Edit View history. Notify me of new posts via email.

Erawmus was followed by three other editions— [29], and [30][31] —for a total of five editions. Erasmuss his Novum Testamentum Graecum, cum lectionibus variantibus MSS Oxford he reprinted the unchanged text of the Editio Regiabut in the index he enumerated 30, textual variants. John Mill — collated textual variants from 82 Greek manuscripts.


A Short History of the Textus Receptus | Theo-sophical Ruminations

Then he polished the Latin, declaring, “It is only fair that Paul should address the Romans in somewhat better Latin. By Erasmus was studying in Paris. It might be more accurate to call it an emendation of the Vulgate rather than a new Latin translation since Erasmus used the Vulgate as his base text, correcting it wherever he thought it departed from the Greek text.

Hills was the first textual critic to defend Textus Receptus.

The Textus Receptus

The first two are called O mirificam ; the third edition is a masterpiece of typographical skill. He held to doctrines such as that of free willwhich some Reformers rejected in favour of the Augustinian doctrine of predestination.

While the KJV was a good translation for its day, and a remarkable piece of English literature, it is not the best translation available today. The rest were smaller sized reprints. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Hills argues that the principle that God provides truth through scriptural revelation, necessarily also implies that God must ensure a preserved transmission of the correct revealed text, continuing into the Reformation era of biblical translation and printing.

They placed more devotion to Scripture than did the Italian humanists.