The pasteurisation unit (HTST pasteuriser) is designed for the thermal treatment of milk and dairy products as well as other food products as soft drinks and. For more than 30 years REDA S.p.A. has been acting in the milk pasteurization process, using and constantly developing the plants of the series HTST (High. This innovation in HTST pasteurization is poised to transform the capabilities of dairy processors, allowing them to offer pasteurized milk that is farm-fresh and.

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Start the air compressor.

Basic Component Equipment of HTST Pasteurizer

Plate heat exchanger module according to the capacity, involving 3 sections like heat recuperator, heater and cooler. The milk is gently heated indirectly by the htwt system using hot water. When the last portion of water leaves the balance tank, turn the 3-way valve at the finished milk outlet so psateurizer the flow is diverted to the floor. Switch on the control panel mains. The pasteurisation unit includes all the necessary equipment for automatic pasteurisation of milk, as well as an automatic control system and an integrated temperature recorder.

With operator control, changes can be made to the program which might affect CCP’s; the system is not easily sealed. If the heat exchanger has a regeneration stage, the treated product is used to preheat the feed material, losing heat hrst the process, this, reducing the energy required to reach the pasteurising temperature and in reducing the cooling required.

The balance tank provides a means for recirculation of diverted or pasteurized milk. Plate pasteurizer with cooling of the heated milk by water in counter flow pasteurizrr ice water after cooling required. This gives rise to a need for specific regulations or computer controlled CCP’s of public health significance:.

As the last milk leaves the balance tank, tip in the water from the tank. It is centrifugal “stuffing” pump which supplies raw milk to the raw regenerator for the balance tank. If the flow rate is exceeded for any reason, the flow diversion device is put into diverted flow.


Its efficiency may be calculated as follows:. The overflow level must always be below the level of lowest milk passage in regenerator.

Open the air vents. It is important to note that the FDD operates on the measured temperature, not time, at the end of the holding period. Remove passteurizer odours and flavours 4.

It is essentially a short piece of tubing approximately 25 cm long surrounded by a housing, inside of which are located coils that generate a magnetic field. Free circulation from outlet to inlet is required and the speed of the homogenizer must be greater than the rate of flow of the timing pump.

These systems are used for time and temperature control of HTST systems. Request information Pasteuriser Request information. Quiz 31 Lesson No computer program can be written completely error free in large systems; as complexity increases, so too do errors. This system does not use a control valve but rather the signal from the magnetic flow meter is transmitted to the AC variable frequency control to vary the speed of the centrifugal pump.

Application of the magnetic flow meter in the dairy industry has centered around its replacing the positive displacement timing pump as the metering device in HTST pasteurizing systems, where with certain products the timing pump rotors reportedly wear out in a relatively short period of time.

It is a positive pressure pump; if not, then it cannot supplement flow. Once the chilling temperature is reached, the plant will set itself to forward flow.


There are two types of FDD:. The pasteurizer should be inspected every day for any leakage and for ensuring cleanliness. The probe should sit as close as possible to STLR probe and be located not greater than 18 inches upstream of the flow diversion device. Patseurizer the magnetic flow meter continuously senses flow rate, it will signal the electronic controller if the actual flow exceeds the set flow rate for any reason. The indicating thermometer is considered the most accurate temperature measurement.


If, due to any problem, the pasteurising temperature is lower than the required one, an automatically operated flow divert valve sends the product back to the balance tank BTD htxt, thus, preventing any microbial contamination of the final product.

Tube section for sec pasteurization temperature holding time, at min. The plant must be sterilized. All recording instruments, thermometers etc. Chart recorder, multi-channel, with memory card for data storage.

It must be located greater than 12 inches above the highest point of raw product in system.

Basic Component Equipment of HTST Pasteurizer | Food Science

Control devices with all necessary switches and regulators Electric boiler with hot water circulation pump Two product pumps: Start flow of the milk to the float controlled balance tank by starting milk pump. Indicating thermometer The indicating thermometer is considered the most accurate temperature measurement.

Alarm system with optical and acoustical pazteurizer for temperature and pressure differences Security switch-over valve, one-seat version, for alarm cases, leading the product without pasteurization paateurizer to the receiver tank.

Place a hose in the balance tank and flush the plant thoroughly with water until the discharge from outlet becomes clear. Another magnetic flow meter based system with an AC variable frequency motor control drive on a centrifugal pump is also possible in lieu of a positive displacement metering pump on a HTST pasteurizer.

This step requires power. Stored data can paasteurizer downloaded to PC for further processing, printing and archiving. In operation, the electrical signal is sent by the magnetic flow meter to the flow controller, which determines what the actual flow is compared to the flow rate set by the operator.

All air-operated equipment should be supplied with clean dry air. This FDD can be cleaned in place and is more suited for automation.