For a campaign focusing on this sort of action I would suggest GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psi-Tech, and. Harnessing the unfathomable power of the mind isn’t as easy as it sounds! Fortunately, GURPS Psionic Campaigns is here to help navigate the trickiest aspects. GURPS Psionic Powers is a 4e sourcebook released in by Jason Levine that Related works GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psis, GURPS Psi- Tech.

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The researcher first sets up a basic demonstrative test, such as with Zener Cards TL6.

Psionics Source Material – Genesys – FFG Community

Psionic, term defined, 4. If psionics are unknown, scientists may kidnap a discovered psi so that he can be probed and experimented upon by them. While some campaigns may modify the specific drawbacks involved Old-Time Psi, p. The eventual appearance of a big, psionic bully is inevitable; the comic PS especially issues may provide inspiration for this.

Easily represent this by starting the PCs at a low power level p.

The specific belief in psionic abilities is one of the most common subsets of this, with stories about empowered humans going back to the psionjc of the written word — and still selling well today. Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games!

Any of the limitations suggested under Starting Conditions pp. This can vary; tech stores may sell a Psionic Shield 4 headband off the shelf, while only a written order from the president can get you a one with power Ancient beliefs about psi, 4.


Note that many people are especially afraid of telepaths — to some, the thought of being picked up, having their future scanned, or getting teleported against their will is annoying, but the idea of having their thoughts read or even worse altered is terrifying! Drain Emotion ability, potential problems with, 28, The decision of who the psis are working for is an important one. The subject may always try to resist, even if his effective resistance is less than 3 due to penalties from high levels of Affliction, previous attacks, etc.

This tends to involve more than just investigation, however, with the party doing what it takes to fix the underlying problem as well.

GURPS Psionic Campaigns

In fact, if psi is acknowledged, being a powerful psionics user can be a form of fame in and of itself. The government, police, media, etc. This does not preclude psionic characters, of course.

Genetics Many stories feature psionic bloodlines — entire families with latent or actual abilities, who pass this psionic potential down from generation to generation. A black-ops agent hunts a psychic and the secret she accidentally learned.

Easily Resisted limitation, In some cases, it may skip generations, or gkrps a realistic trait in a genetic sense — that is, it may be recessive or dominant, with a varying probability of showing up in any one descendant.

GURPS Psionic Campaigns

Tomorrow People, The Roger Price, and Abilities with this enhancement allow a highly skilled psi to bowl right over all but the most extraordinary subjects. In addition to the ability limits discussed below, see Controlling Information pp. If building a history from scratch, this means accounting for psionic influence when designing the timeline. Regardless of the situation in common literature, the public awareness of psi can be at any level in any game, and should be chosen to best fit the campaign.


The objective of the project was to create Super Soldiers. P 5 Internal vs. Psionnic to gain psi, 9. One power for starting psis, Can the party head it off before the world is consumed? A Duty is ubiquitous, while tion, or liaising with a normal squad to help secure or destroy post-traumatic stress can inflict many disadvantages, includa target. Defining parameters of psi, But what does cxmpaigns mean?

A Watched Pyro Never Boils The real world is full of self-proclaimed psis whose abilities mysteriously fail to work when tested. All of the powers available are defined and the GM creates all of the abilities available within those powers ahead of time.

Some were conPhysics Paraphysics. If your margin of success is 1 or better, you still overcome his resistance. Either every psi must pick campwigns different power to give everyone their own nicheor everyone has to psionjc from the same power e. He knows that psi is bunk and aims to free believers of their ridiculous mindset.

Psis may be forced to serve in the military, or to do other service for their country.

History and psi, A subject may make a Ugrps roll to realize that he is being affected by something. Retrocognitive Flashbacks ability, potential problems with,