You will find two tutorials in this post, one on Getting Started and the other on Importing Images. More will follow. FSN Pro – Filterstorm Neue for.

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In the first picture, the curve lies entirely above the diagonal, meaning every pixel regardless of brightness will be lightened.

Masking Masking allows you to selectively apply tktorial to parts of the image. A popover like the image below will appear with a text box for the new name.

About Filterstorm

This will bring up delete buttons on every thumbnail visible and allow you to delete collections, images, or versions. The curves tool provides a simple, extremely powerful way to brighten, darken, and add contrast. It’s possible for a curve to be applied in different manners. If there are many versions, double tapping the image will bring you to the versions screen where you can choose which version you would like to edit.

Tapping the iPad Photos button the first button in the library tab will open up FSPro’s library picker which looks like the below image:.

From left to right, the curves graph goes from dark to bright, just as the equalizer goes from filtrstorm to treble. Most Notably, The “Apply” and “Apply with Mask” buttons for any given filter now reside on the bottom right hand of the screen, represented by the below icons respectively.


The three curves shown above represent brightening, darkening, and adding contrast. If the video does not work, please view it on Vimeo.

About Filterstorm Pro

On that screen you can select as many or tutoril few of the images in the album as you like to import. Bringing you ad-free TheAppWhisperer.

This increases the contrast of the image. Introduction Filterstorm Pro FSPro is a powerful piece of software meant to make tagging and sending images as quick as possible. In this screen you can tap on any individual album to highlight it, and then tap the Import Selected Album button to bring all images from that album into FSPro’s library.

I would like filtefstorm donation to automatically repeat each month. Likewise, in the second image the curve is below the diagonal, darkening all pixels. By changing where the curve crosses the diagonal, you can change the inflection point of the contrast effect.

How Curves Work One thing I’m always trying to encourage new photographers to do is learn the curves tool. To rename a collection, simply tap and hold on the thumbnail for that collection.

In this way you can increase or decrease contrast, and control in a sense where that contrast occurs. The top right point similarly means that “pixels which are initially white on the right will remain white on the top “. Basic Operation A description and demonstration of the basic operation of Filterstorm Neue. This site is an encyclopaedia, a compendium of detailed and meticulous work. They are generally activated either by tapping a button, or by tapping and holding on an image thumbnail.


One thing I’m always trying to encourage new photographers to do is learn the curves tool.

This is a not for profit website and one that can only grow with your support. Filterstorm Pro FSPro is a powerful piece of software meant to make tagging and sending images as quick as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no way yet to preserve the original filename from your tutorjal. If you’re an intermediate or advanced user, you may want to start tutorixl the masking video. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, instead of making bass sounds or treble sounds relatively louder or softer, with curves you can make the dark areas or light areas darker or lighter.

Filterstorm Neue

Please note that the low frame rate is due to the method used to record the video. Please note this video was made with an older version of FSPro. This overview page will give a description of the basic interface and operation of FSPro.