Editorial Reviews. Review. “Domscheit-Berg speaks with the authority that few others posess.” —Businessworld “For citizens around the globe who are attracted . Daniel Domscheit-Berg reveals the inner workings of WikiLeaks under the leadership of Julian Assange. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost control of his site’s submission Domscheit-Berg, who was known as Daniel Schmitt during his nearly.

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WikiLeaks began to error in some releases, hold back material it could not edit, and begun thus choosing what to release and back away from its purist approach of releasing in order without preference. This guy is responsible for all of that chaos on public information and made Inxide on fire, surely there’s must be work ethics that could be shared in the book, instead of mentioning: O organizatie imensa, mii de voluntari care sorteaza documentele, sute de servere ascunse in dniel lumea, donatii de sute de mii de dolari etc.

The book I read to research this post was Inside WikiLeaks by Daniel Domscheit-Berg et al which is an excellent book which I bought at a car boot sale. This book was wokileaks in and is definitely the kind of controversial book I should be reviewing. They would sit in monastic silence, typing away on outdated laptops. A couple of years before that, however, WikiLeaks “had initially consisted of two individuals and a single server,” the author reveals.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Sep 04, Bryan Kelly rated it liked it. Want to Read saving…. Archived from the original on 1 February That’s one fear that comes from reading this book.

While this book will not win literary awards, it is a fascinating account on the first years of Wikileaks, on the motivation of the people behind it. Oh, it was handled well enough that it didn’t jump out at me as a translation; whoever went over the translation did a good enough job, as far as that goes and incidentally, I used to touch up and in some cases re-write poorly translated articles for insidd magazine myself, so Wikuleaks have some experience in this area.


Maybe, Berg’s arrogance IS in fact so strong that he feels even though Assange created and essentially owned Wikileaks, Assange should in fact consult him about everything. I did really enjoy reading this book and would definitely recommend it. I would rather be reported by my bitterest enemy among philosophers than by a friend innocent of philosophy. Archived from the original on 26 July Still, many interesting bits.

There are too many threads of thought to follow there, so I will leave it at that for now. Jun 23, Mallee Stanley rated it really liked it. It’s interested that Julian was a high profile celebrity in Germany but always said they secret services would try and set up a sex scandal to try and get him deported to America to face charges connected with WikiLeaks.

I’m a print subscriber, link to my account Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? Domscheit-Berg is carefull not to throw any unjust punches Assange’s way, and in fact he seems to still like the guy, despite what he did. The outfit is now an Assange-centred shell of its former self, the author argues. It is my opinion that WikiLeaks died when Daniel left, and it is now a plaything of a celebrity spoiled sociopath.

It was a thoughtful gift – if you’re reading this, sis, I hope this review doesn’t hurt your feelings – because I am interested in openness, politics, and Wikileaks. Reading a disgruntled insider’s take on the rise and fall of WikiLeaks is much like reading a 21st-century version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In September, Assange was publicly accused of sexual assault by two Swedish women and authorities sought him for questioning.

Inside WikiLeaks, by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Read it and weep at the missed opportunity, and as a cautionary tale against the need for a progressive strongman: This should only take a few moments.

WikiLeaks “is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m quite sure they hadn’t read it themselves.


And why should I bother? The WikiLeaks founder apparently responded to these criticisms by telling the author that “I will destroy you” and “I will not tolerate disloyalty in crisis. Return to Book Page. No trivia or quizzes yet. Berg’s stories would mean that Assange’s personality and private domsfheit-berg have become far too enmeshed with WikiLeaks for the platform to remain credible.

Inside WikiLeaks, by Daniel Domscheit-Berg – The Globe and Mail

Okay, if his account is accurate, then Assange is an irresponsible egotist and bastard. However, as is evident, Berg has jumped on the Wikileaks domscheiit-berg to get himself published and make himself some cash, while simultaneously plugging his danuel website and bitching at Assange.

Assange is portrayed as brilliant, eccentric and manipulative and Domscheit-Berg often seems like he longs to return to the good old days when they were close friends.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Daniel Domscheit-Berg. I find that very interesting. It paints the story of wikileaks, and especially of Assange who is almost the personification of WLof his behavior, increasing paranoia and dnaiel I’ll probably need to read Julian Assange’s book when it comes out, to compare the picture, but what’s said in this book looks right. It lost its open-source promise.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg – Wikipedia

The author of this site was a very high up staff member at WikiLeaks sometimes credited with being a co founder with Julian Assange who did call the shots and ultimately suspended the author from his job. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One is strongly reminded of Russell’s famous description of Xenophon’s writings on Socrates: And both portray a charismatic pig as the group’s leader, a figurehead who publicly denounces tyranny, even as he privately imposes it.

The bulwark of human freedom could do with less centralization on this front, however.