Smith Meter® AccuLoad and AccuLoad III are trademarks of FMC The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the AccuLoad III. AccuLoad III High Speed Prover Output · AccuLoad III Vapor Recovery Application Bulletin · AccuLoad IIInet Application Manual · AccuLoad III-S N4 Hardware. The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the Smith Table of Contents iii. Volume Accuracy – Preset Amount Type.

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Instead, it will invoke a user prompt to select a specific arm to receive the focus. The AccuLoad III will monitor and totalize the volume of additive injected by piston-type additive injectors or smart injectors.

The unit may be toggled at any time between full and split screen modes, or the focus may be toggled between load arms. Should flow rate variations occur, the profile is dynamically adjusted to attain the best possible mix. Optimum measurement accuracy is attained through continuous linearization of the meter factor with changes in flow rates.

F2 also does not operate if only one load arm is designated to a physical display. That s why we developed this software to. After installing your device, locate. In this mode of operation, the supervisory computer can talk to the Additive Injector System accuload the communication lines that have been run to the AccuLoad and from the AccuLoad to the Additive Injector System s. For applications that are under strict metrological. Two to six meters may be used to create a ratio blend.

Two-stage valves are not used for ratio blending; only digital or analog valves are acceptable.

Accuload iii manual español – Google Docs

If the AccuLoad III is programmed to disable the time-out, the display will read as above, with the Press Start to Continue message alternating with the time and date.


After each problem description, instructions are provided More information. F2 does not function while the Main Menu or any of its submenus is being zccuload, or when the Dynamic Displays are being navigated.

Each physical display can be formatted as a split or full screen display, independent of the other. If ratio, sequential blending or hybrid is selected, the operator enters the number of products to be associated with the load arm.

The zoom of the physical display is maintained as the focus changes. For applications with straight product delivery or sequential blending, each load arm may be configured independently for blending activity and product number.

When jii operator enters the preset, the AccuLoad automatically calculates the actual volumes of each product to be delivered. Should the valve fail to close within a programmable period after having been signaled, a contact is closed. A single load arm is allocated to each of the two viewports. Steps for Basic Configuration 1. Environmental fluctuations within specified limits have virtually no effect on the operation of this control system. This feature allows the operator to prove the meter on all four products, and four meter factors and associated flow rates for acculoadd product without having to enter the program mode for each product and meter factor.

You can access these features by selecting the items under.

Connection Port More information. Two programmable alarm contacts are available.

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Pressing F1 when the last arm programmed has the focus will cycle the display back to Arm 1. See Installation Manual MN for additional details. Using the up and down arrow keys, the display will read as follows: After SET is pressed, a display test will be done where either all of the pixels will be turned on for one second and off for one second if the unit is in a single screen mode, or all the pixels on the active viewport only if the unit is in a split screen mode.


The firmware is also able to detect whether a second display is available and use the second display only if present. Chapter 4 Hardware Settings The AccuLoad also has the capability of providing an average meter factor over a maximum of ten proves. This feature requires a load arm type to be programmed as Straight with VRS. The DL Preset Controller.

Smith Meter AccuLoad III

Energy saving system in. Six new parameters will be required to support this acculozd, refer to Alarm Responses Arm Directory Directory Alarms Assuming parameters are configured correctly, the client functionality assumes that the account and associated password is a previously created and valid account on the server acxuload.

Because the additive contribution to the preset is significant, temperature compensation is required to ensure accurate delivery of the additive. If jumper J23 is removed from the KDC board, indicating no BSE is available; all combinations requiring more than three meters are prohibited.

It describes how to configure the required WiFi and More information. The switch will be utilized as follows: When using Firmware Revision and above, the AccuLoad supports downstream injectors piston, smart, metered, etc. The configuration that allows a three-product ratio blender on Arm 1 and a straight or sequential blender on Arm 2, could just as easily be a straight or mnual blender on Arm 1 and a three-product ratio blender on Arm 2.