Makroalga Cokelat Laut Padina tetrastromatica. (Ashokkumar et al. . meliputi Laminaria, Sacchoriza sp, Sargassum sp, Gelidium. amansii. Manfaat Alginat Dalam Industri Pangan Documents · boelter brands stella Mujianto Karakterisasi Ekstrak Alginat Dari Padina Sp Documents. Abstract: Experiment to show influence of Phaeomeria sp rhizome extract treatment to Winarto W.P., , Khasiat dan Manfaat Kunyit, Agomedia Pustaka, Padina boergesenii showed a potent cytotoxic effect against Artemia salina.

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Full Text Available Synthesis of ethoxy lignosulfonic acid as a surfactant from a waste of palm oil empty fruit bunch was aimed to isolate padinx, studying the ethylation of the lignin and sulfonation of the alkyl lignin to produce ethoxy lignosulfonic acid moreover to investigate its activity as the surfactant.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

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Full Text Available Methods of fluorescent probing, spectrophotometry and microcalorimetry were applied to investigate the alterations in biophysical parameters of erythrocytes membranes, and specifically microviscosity, surface charge, molecular organization of lipid bilayer and lipid-protein interactions under conditions of acute pain syndrome produced by experimental chemical lesion. This was a double-blind randomized control study involving 44 patients undergoing surgery with epidural techniques.

To study the percentage of uric acid calculus in uroliths and its metabolic character in Dongjiang River valley.

Many genes are essential for normal development of the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis and hormone production, and are associated with CH.

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Sargassum sp dapat ditemukan di Selat Madura Indonesia. The new continuous method can be performed on a technically large scale and results in a degree of purity of less than 10 ppm Ca. CMNa can enhance the radiosensitivity manraat pancreatic cancer Pane-1 cells under hypoxic condition with high-dose irradiation.


Metode penelitian ini observasi cross-sectional dan cohortprospektif pada periode Desember —Maret Each of concentration dis-tributions of these elements were not normal.

Adverse effects of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs NSAIDs are a common cause of digestive tract hemorrhage. As a result, O.

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WS is a frequent disease of the encephalopathies with the epileptogenic framework. Natrium alginate can be extracted from Sargassum sp.

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perbedaan asupan natrium dan kalium pada penderita hipertensi dan normotensi masyararakat Etnik Minangkabau di Kota Padang. Salah satu tumbuhan yang dikembangkan sebagai tanaman obat di Indonesia adalah kencur Kaemferia galanga.

Full Text Available Influence of acetate ion on stability of alumina-zirconium tanning to alkalization has been investigated in the paper.

The two implementations are tested on a set of sample events and compared with respect to achievable readout bandwidth. The multiple logistic regression analysis suggested that low daily water intake, eating more salted and animal food, less vegetable were very closely associated with uric acid calculus. Results of these studies are important from a fundamental standpoint for determination of structure and degradation mechanisms of alginate hydrogels but also from a practical point of view for optimization of hydrogel properties and behavior for potential applications in controlled drug release as well as in tissue engineering.

This paper compiles all 9 naturally occurring methyl salicylate glycosides, their distribution of the resource and pharmacological mechanism, which could mahfaat to the new drug discovery. The effect and mechanism of green corrosion inhibitor of Morinda Citrifolia Noni toward low carbon steel material has been researched.


The addition of methanol increased the resolutions of nitrate-phosphate, and phosphate-sulfate. Alkylation reaction of lignin with diethyl sulfate produced ethoxy lignin in For Word and Word Dry sliding wear test was performed at room temperature at a constant velocity of 1. Biochemical and structural characterisation have revealed that this C-terminus is very flexible but prone to dimerization.


It was known that there was a significant increase in oxygen percentage at the sulfonation process. Wir berichten ueber die Anreicherung von IndiumOktreotid in einer chirurgischen Narbe ueber dem Abdomen nach 1,5 und 6 Monaten bei einem Patienten mit einem Rezidiv-Karzinoid im rektosigmoidalen Uebergang.

Twenty-five consecutive patients with Fabry disease 17 males without enzyme-replacement therapy had been studied by fluorescence nailfold capillaroscopy. Now, methyl salicylate glycoside, a new derivative of salicylic acid, is modified with a -COOH group integrated one methyl radical into formic ether, and a -OH linked with a monosaccharide, a disaccharide or a trisaccharide unit by glycosidic linkage.

Natural dyes from wood dyes Artocarpus heterophyllus could be used as colouring matter on goat skin distributed throughout the substance of the fibre goat skin.

The course of therapy with Bisoprolol has restored the normal level of magnesium in blood plasma, has not have any influence on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, increased the level of alaninaminotransferase and significantly increased the contents of total and ionized calcium, urea and creatinine. The highest content was 9.