Estimation, Rate Analysis & Tender Evaluation software fully customized new SCR (Schedule Of Rates) based on Radha Krishna Committee Report. TOP. Government of Karnataka has now proposed to take up KSHIP- II to further improve state viz EPC contracts (conventional item rate contract) and Annuity contracts. ADB Mission has proposed the following tentative timeline schedule for. If looking for the book Karnataka Pwd Electrical Schedule Of Rates in Schedule of Rates WRD Karnataka | Construction Aggregate.

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Rates for toe wall can karnaataka adopted from respective clauses depending upon approved design. Compulsory labour payment for one day against six days continuously present on duty.

Soft rock 8m dia well Depth in soft rock strata upto 3m Hard rock 8m dia well Depth in hard rock strata upto 3 m Sinking of 9 m external diameter well other than pneumatic method of sinking through all types of strata namely sandy soil, clayey soil and rock as karnnataka against each case, complete as per drawing and technical specifications.

Hard rock blasting prohibited Extra for every additional lift of 1. Providing and fixing to existing door shutter 30 mm thick Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester FRP paneled door shutter of required colour and approved brand and manufacture, made with fire-retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin, moulded to 3 mm thick FRP laminate for forming hollow rails and styles, with wooden blocks of seasoned wood inside at required placed for fixing and fittings, cast monolithically with 5 mm thick FRP laminate for panels confirming to TADS 6: One test per Cum.

Random Rubble Stone Masonry in 1: Excavation in Hilly Areas in Hard Rock Requiring Blasting Excavation in hilly areas in hard rock requiring blasting, by mechanical means including trimming of slopes and stacking of cut material with all lifts and lead upto 50 meters. P sheet Class I gutter with iron brackets 40x3mm size, bolts, nuts, washers etc including making, connection with rain water pipes. Soft rock 11m dia well Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m Hard rock 11m dia well Depth of hard kranataka upto 3 mmetre This is a specialized commercial product and the lump-sum rate including erection at site is required to be ascertained from the schrdule and analyzed separately as per Standard Data Book for Analysis of Rates.


Users can also download forms, avail online services, etc.


A separate contract for this work is concluded as the contractors for road and bridge works generally do not undertake such jobs.

The frame shall be covered with fibre glass from all sides. The materials of construction shall be governed as per relevant I. Crushed stone coarse aggregates of 25mm and You can use this application form to apply for water supply connection to private premises in Karnataka. Clayey soil 8m dia. Well Depth from bed level akrnataka 3. psd

Providing and erecting direction and place identification kaenataka sign asper IRC: Excavated material to be used in embankment at site.

The rate as applicable for subgrade construction may be adopted.


Coarse graded Granular sub-base Material 2. Crushing of stone boulders of mm size in an integrated stone crushing unit of tonnes per hour capacity comprising of primary and secondary crushing units, belt conveyor and vibrating screens to obtain stone aggregates of 13 mm nominal size.

Three squatting plate with 10Ltrs. Stone Stone Spalls Flexible Apron: Type A Case – II: Providing and fixing spring hinges double action with necessary screws of mm size of M.

The overhead adopted by the Central Public Works Department in their Analysis of Rates has been adopted except for specialized works. Four squatting plate with 15 liters. AP state schedule of rates Real Estate.

Details of transport services and industries in the district are also available for the users. Through and bond stone Tie rods 20mm diameter Tiles size x mm and 25 mm thick Timber Traffic cones with mm reflective sleeve kg cum metre metre metre kg metre metre metre metre metre each nos each nos kg cum sqm metre each cum each cum each each nos kg metre metre kg kg metre tonne kg sqm each nos each cum Scheddule Placing tipper at loading point, loading with front end loader, dumping, turning for return trip, excluding time for haulage and return trip Loading and Unloading of Boulders by Manual Means Loading and Unloading of Cement or Steel by Manual Means and stacking.


Government of Karnataka formulated an Evaluation Policy during the year vide No. Tests shall if to be conducted for the contractor’s material by ratds Engineers under the supervision of the Engineer-in-charge or his authorized representatives.

Using Modified Bitumen Case – I: Emphasising on Action Taken reports on Evaluation studies from line departments Capacity building Developing Mobile – App based solution for evaluation studies of beneficiary oriented programmes and schemes for accuracy of data and effective analysis. Using bitumen emulsion and 9. Where it is proposed only to supply, transport and stack the mineral aggregates for use in pavement courses, the quantities indicated in the specifications shall be supplied but payment for the same shall be regulated on the basis of volumes to be computed after deductions specified in clause Chisel Dressed Stone Masonry with chisel dressed clean hard selected stone in 1: I A i ii iii Ordinary soil Manual Means upto 3 m depth 3 m to 6 m depth Above 6 m depthcum cum cum Providing, fitting and fixing towel rail of chromium plated brass complete with brackets fixed to the timber cleats, CP brass screws complete.

Clayey soil 2021-13 m dia. Boulder laid dry without wire crates.

Soft rock 7m dia well Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m Hard rock 7m dia well Depth upto 3 m Sinking of 8 m external diameter well other than pneumatic method of sinking through all types of strata namely sandy soil, clayey soil and rock karnatak shown against each case, complete as per drawing and technical specifications.

Wood work wrought framed and fixed in frames of trusses upto a height of 5 m above plinth level Steel work in all types of sections upto a height of 5 m above plinth level excluding cutting of rivet.

Extra for every additional lift of 1.