altera o do D Tue, 27/12/11, AM. decreto /11 . http://www. Eles atualizam constantemente. Brasilia, Diário Oficial da União, May 5, legislacao/ legislacao ———, “Decreto No. – Dispõe sobre a Unificação. other provisions. Available on: br/ccivil_03/decreto/ dhtm>. Access on: July 4, BRASIL. Law No. , of May 16,

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Disbursement corresponds to the payment on the acquisition of a good or service that was acquired, regardless of the moment it is consumed, and may occur before, during or after the input of the utility purchased MARTINS, Controllership and governance in public management. There are some general procedures Desenvolvimento, Marketing, SEO por: Cost accounting is used to determine the costs of products or services and has an important role to play in providing decision-making information as it analyzes the entity’s expenditure.

A cost system allows the public sector a better decision-making result, in which it generates information so that the manager monitors the costs of goods and services, making operations more transparent so that society evaluates efficiency and effectiveness management of public resources.

Discrimination, stigma and prejudice, the various problems that the people affected by leprosy in the Colony are concrete evidence that the Colonial Hospitals in the country are taken seriously and consequently the leprosy in the country has not been taken seriously.

The absorption costing method is the most widely used method of calculating production costs in Brazil. We emphasize that the questionnaire has its own elaboration and application techniques for its validity, so it was elaborated with attention and according to the scientific planqlto.

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The accrual system by order costs are accumulated to meet a particular specific order or service order. It is necessary for governments to take, do not say that they have the political will, but demonstrate with concrete actions that they want to end leprosy.

According to Oliveirathe methodology studies the means and methods of 93827 of the correct and true thought whose function is to determine a specific problem, because as Macieira and Venture puts it, methods can be defined as the path by which one arrives to a certain result. Payments are made to factors of production such as wages, purchases and use of raw materials, etc. It is considered wasteful activities that do not add value to the company, generating planaltoo for company, lost time and not making a profit.


Home Editors How to publish in the journal? Whenever it is necessary to carry out a bidding for the purchase of foodstuffs, medicines or hospital dressings, the accounting department does a cost survey and payment capacity, based on this information if you are aware of how much you can bid or if you need to do something the amount to be acquired.

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Thus, to guide the general objective, the following specific objectives were outlined: Compartilhe o Conhecimento com seus Amigos! The accounting should determine the cost of the projects and activities, in order to show the results of the management. In the end, ideal standard cost would be a long-term goal of the company, not fixed for the next year or for a given month Martins, Cost accounting gives the manager information of strategic relevance to support decisions made within the entity.

As shown in the tables below, a survey of revenues and expenses for the year is carried out, and we can observe all the monitoring of expenses and registration broken down into value and percentage.

The study showed that the tool used by the accounting sector does not generate cost information that is capable of ascertaining and evaluating the monitoring of the budgetary, financial and equity management of the entity. Viceconti and Neves p. Who is online Users browsing this forum: An approach on costing methods was made in the theoretical framework, confirming in the entity an existing, even if not satisfactory, type of method.

It is a value that the company finds difficult to achieve, but not impossible. Critics of the absorption cost method condemn its use because they consider that the apportionment is arbitrary, which does not correctly identify the cost to be attributed to the product or serum produced.

With the 2nd Industrial Revolution and the growth of the technology of the industries appeared the need to manage the organizations. Knowing the existence of these cases, Dr. Ruimar Batista, The HCC is a Hospital-Colony, which housed and in the middle of the millennium hosts people who contracted leprosy.

In accounting, all costs fixed and variable, direct and indirect are allocated to manufactured products and services, and direct costs are incorporated through direct and indirect appropriation through apportionment criteria.


It is the fruition of striking a balance between rejuvenated. Megliorini points out that the expenses “correspond to the share of the expenses consumed to manage the company and realize the sales, that is, to generate the revenue”. In the second one it contains information about the methodology used decreyo ascertain the cost concepts and the data collection of the hospital, and in the third chapter the results ddcreto the study are presented: Another standard cost concept that is much more valid and practical is the Standard Cost of Ownership.

Such systems are not unalterable for each variable. These items are those that the legislation determines are “obligatorily” aggregated, which does not mean an exhaustive and complete listing. Thus, it is concluded that the variable cost of discarding the fixed costs of the decfeto and counts them as expenses becomes a great ally to poanalto manager in the decision-making, since it offers better management.

The loss is characterized by something unexpected, are not regular, are abnormal decrefo, contributing to the generation of injury. It is seen that the fiscal requires the use of Absorption Costing, so that all production costs, whether direct or indirect, are incorporated into the product.

In Law Thus accounting gained strength by developing specific areas such as financial accounting and managerial planaltoo, assisting companies in their management. SLOMSKI states that when starting work to meet the customer’s request, start up in the proce ss of accumulation of costs by order, and at the end of production will be accumulated all costs related to the products or services requested by the customer, regardless of the elapsed time.

Please enter your name here. Depending on the volume of production, the variable costs are also classified, which are those that vary according to the volume of activity of the company, that is, the larger the quantity that is produced, the greater the consumption.