A brief history of Myanmar’s (Burma’s) bloody Uprising and the military crackdown that ended it. ” Uprising” Occurs in Burma. On this day in , nationwide pro-democracy protests erupted against General Ne Win’s Burma Socialist Programme Party. The daughter of Myanmar’s independence hero, Suu Kyi was swept up in the revolt soon after returning from a cosy life in England to care for.

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The Kenyon Review, New Series. A short while later, the authorities opened fire on the protesters. Naw Betty Han 31 Dec Burma — Insurgency and the Politics of Ethnicity. After the uprising, the SLORC embarked on “clumsy propaganda” towards those who uprisung the protests.

Uprising: 30 years on | The ASEAN Post

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When NLD was formed and the new military government announced that it would be holding elections, those who took part in uprising actively supported the party.

Although the people toppled the government they did not like, they did not fully get the government and the state they are longing for, he said. Internal conflict in Myanmar.

BBC World Service – Witness, ”: The Burma Uprising

With many former junta members enjoying normal lives or still involved in government, dredging up memories of political prisoners is not common. This is the nature of democracy. Myat Moe Aung 31 Dec Burmese exiles mark protest. But Myanmar is still plagued by crumbling infrastructure and fractious ethnic conflict.


The past 30 years have seen a change in leadership — from military dictatorship to a military-backed semi-democracy and then to a negotiated hybrid regime with power being shared between unelected military personnel and an elected civilian leadership. Skip to main content.

Burma’s Struggle for Democracy. In essence, Myanmar has remained a quasi-junta state. On 12 Marchstudents from the RIT were arguing with out-of-school youths inside the Sanda Win tea shop about music playing on a sound system.

‘8888’: The Burma Uprising

From up untilthe military and police illegally detained and imprisoned tens of thousands of democracy leaders, as well as intellectuals, artists, students, and human rights activists. Authorities arrest suspected illegal Oil and Gas Renewables Power.

Dissidents behind uprising say iprising forgotten. The 88 Generation Students Groupnamed for the events of 8 Augustorganised one of the first protests that eventually culminated in the Saffron Revolution. Displays show trinkets, crafts and musical instruments made in jail. But it is still a long story when talking about judiciary sector.

Led mostly by student leaders, it was the largest mass protest in the country since its independence in Without naming the military, he blamed the imperfect progress on decades of mismanagement, but said voters can now pick new governments at elections if unsatisfied.


Does the ‘8888 Uprising’ still mean anything in Myanmar? Dissidents fear struggle forgotten

The kind of federalism the ethnic minorities want, based on equality of rights to all citizens, has been denied by the military leadership and the government. Many participants in the protests arrived from nearby towns and villages.

The military then took firm control of the government and initiated further crackdowns in September. Many in Burma believed that the regime would have collapsed had the United Nations and neighbouring countries refused recognition to the coup. The Centennial Celebration of the Nobel Prizes.

Partial list of Uprising victimsThe Irrawaddy1 January National News 31 Dec InLwin had ordered troops to fire on student protestors, killing dozens, and ordered the Union Building at Rangoon University to be blown up. This Week in Asia. Most distinctly, renderings of history by the military government capitalising on ethnic fault lines have given rise to the humanitarian crisis in the northern Rakhine State.

Protests reached their peak in August