Aurobindo Ghose, better known as Sri Aurobindo is known to the entire world as a great scholar, a national leader and a spiritual guru. Freedom fighter, poet, scholar and philosopher, Aurobindo Ghose was born on August 15, in Kolkata, West Bengal. He belonged to an illustrious lineage. 20 hours ago Aurobindo Ghosh Biography For Students: Freedom fighter, poet, scholar, yogi and philosopher. Aurobindo Ghosh worked towards cause of.

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Aurobindo was influenced by the guidance he got from the yogi, who had instructed Aurobindo to depend on an inner guide and any kind of external guru or guidance would not be required. Identify Singers By Eyes. Sri Aurobindo Primary Works Set 12 vol. However he proved to be a scholar of great intellect and capacity. Sri Aurobindo’s close spiritual collaborator, Mirra Alfassa b.

Through his journal Bande MataramSri Aurobindo was the first leader to call for the full independence for India. He advocated perfect liberty for the child as it is sine- qua-non for gathering of information and realisation of soul substance.

Another aim, as propounded by Aurobindo, is gnosh training of five senses adequately for gaining of knowledge because these are called the gateways of knowledge. His contribution to the field of education must not be underrated. Chandra Shekhar Azad Indian. He came to limelight with his active participation in the freedom struggle against the British in India but he gradually evolved to become a spiritual and yogic guru.


Sri Aurobindo | Biography & Facts |

Letters on Poetry and Art Letters on Yoga. They should eschew their superiority-feeling which stands in the way of making out geniuses.

A Critical Perspective “. Communities Sri Aurobindo Ashram Auroville.

Aurobindo Ghose Biography

He said this power of man has not yet properly full-bloomed and it is in making. Disciples ChampaklalN. He formally moved to Calcutta in after the announcement of the Partition of Bengal. In particular he saw in Hitler and Nazi Germany a great threat to the whole of civilisation.

He could not explain this and continued to have various such experiences from time biograhpy time. After reading this article you will learn about: That this is indeed his teaching is further borne out by his distinction between lower and higher truths.

Sri Aurobindo taught that the different world religions were right in their own way. And, furthermore the ideas of the Upanishads “can be rediscovered in much of aurogindo thought of Pythagoras and Plato and form the profoundest part of Neo-platonism and Gnosticism …” Finally, the larger part of German metaphysics “is little more in substance than an intellectual development of great realities more spiritually seen in this ancient teaching.

He prescribes items like physical training, games, gymnastics, preventive medical care and health education for development of physical being. Mishra, Manoj Kumar Lele Maharaj was amazed at the progress of the young Aurobindo.


Aurobindo said he was “visited” by Vivekananda in the Alipore Jail: After his conversion from activism to introspection, which took place in jail, he established a hermitage in Pondicherry.

A Search apropos of R. Although the Drewetts were told not to teach religion, the boys inevitably were exposed to Christian teachings and events, which generally bored Aurobindo and sometimes repulsed him. Aurobindo was also arrested on charges of planning and overseeing the attack and imprisoned in solitary confinement in Alipore Jail. He also related bilgraphy aspect to the training of the niography personality by stimulating the children to give up bad habits and to develop aurobinvo habits.

Sri Aurobindo Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

On his return to Indian soil Sri Aurobindo was overwhelmed with a feeling of intense inner peace. Teachings and philosophy Teachings and philosophy Vivekananda and meditation Influence and legacy of Vivekananda Neo-Vedanta.

Integral yoga Intermediate zone Supermind. There is a school and world university centre.