Free Essay: Jharna Software: The Move To Agile Methods 1. Create a process map of the software development process described in the. Jharna Software: The Move to Agile Methods. Front Cover. Indranil Bose. Asia Case Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, – Agile software. Discuss the conditions that favor plan-based or agile software 3) Evaluate the full benefits and challenges of adopting the agile approach for Jharna software. The adoption and transition to new way of thinking should be.

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Bugs can be eliminated in Agile more easily as the testing can be done at each stage. So, even when the customer requests for additional change in the later stage of the project, the team should be able to upgrade the project instead of revising the whole coding.

Ans a Process map of the redesigned software development process: The concept of Agile is to encourage change if necessary which exactly conflicts with their phrase of getting it right the first time. Master’s or higher degree. So, there is an urgent need to educe the time spent agil working by each employee with the project work.

What do you recommend that Khan do? What is your topic? This methodology when implemented also takes lesser time since some repetitive parts of the code from another project can be used and also it will be less difficult to identify and resolve the bugs produced during coding.

Utmost care should be taken when implementing the Agile process while still following the traditional approach. Redesign should be considered for a rapid change in the management and the staff mainly to reduce the costs, to increase the quality of the software product and also to speed up the software development process.


If Jharna Software desires to continue to be successful then they need to focus on the vision they first envisioned i. Attached Appendix 1 With the help of the process softwate it is easy to understand how the process and the project work is divided in India as well as in US.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Since it is very difficult to maintain all the documents like the tracking mechanisms, reviews, project plans and feasibility studies during the iterative process, the document preparation is done later, after the Testing Stage is completed. Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Bibliography Scacchi, W. As document plays an important role in the project, mentioning them in the process map helps the user to know more with fhe information.

Haven’t found the Essay You Want? Khan should seek talent from outside if there were any initial problems when implementing Agile along with the Waterfall approach.

Jharna Software: the Move to Agile Methods Analysis Essay

The project managers are the most disappointed with the introduction of the Agile. Support your vision by describing what Jharna software needs to do well in order to be successful.

Why or why not? Project management could spin out of control if developers were allowed to re-factor the system as they wished. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. There is also good support from the clients to consider the Agile process. The stages of requirement management, designing, developing and testing is considered as another whole section.


Institute for Software Research, University of Sooftware, p. If there are any requests from the clients for the changes, then the process is iterated from the requirement management stage. If Khan follows each step properly with the help from their clients, then I think this combinational approach would be a good success.

Jharna Software: the Move to Agile Methods Analysis Essay Example | Graduateway

This process map is focused on demonstrating the tasks and the flow undertakings of the project work. We will write a custom essay sample on. So, overall they might be able implement the software development process successfully to the full extent to enjoy its benefits and avoid the above said problems. Lately, the integration stage has been very softwsre consuming and is often very difficult to plan.

Bugs should be caught and eliminated in the development stage and should be designed such that the bug eliminates with a simpler rework in a small part of the module of the project. A discussion on enablers that Jharna software can employ, as well as potential constraints.

If a bug is found then it is more difficult as the program should be rewritten again and tested for other bugs.