DUMB AND DUMBERER. When Harry Met Lloyd. Based on characters created by. Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly. & Bennet Yellin. Screenplay by. Read, review and discuss the entire Dumb & Dumber movie script by Unknown on Writer: Peter and Bobby Farrelly and Bennett Yellin Starring: Jim Carrey as Lloyd Jeff Daniels as Harry Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson. Grade: A-. “Dumb and.

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I think Talladega Nights is godawful. She told me that! No, I don’t think we should do anything out of the ordinary.

Dumb and Dumber () movie script – Screenplays for You

He takes off after it, but to no avail. If I know her as well as I think I do she’ll invite us right in for tea and strumpets. She’s something, ain’t she, Harr? Joe Mental and J. It’s a little ahd. Hey, Harry, old buddy, old pal! But let’s face it, Lloyd, there’s nothing waiting for me in Aspen. Harry looks the hearse over. She takes a mug, sips, and pulls back. She must have meant Do you think?

Dumb & Dumber (1994) Movie Script

Screemplay never met a girl Who made me feel the way that you do You’re all right Whenever I’m asked who makes my dreams real I tell them you do, you’re outta sight I’m bringin’you a love that’s true So get ready, get ready I’m gonna try to make you love me too So get ready, get ready, here I come Get ready ’cause here I come He tugs a few times, but it won’t budge.


We’re just going to have to dig ourselves out. Hey, no, allow me. You can add them up yourself. It’s an ominous-looking vehicle and Harry hesitates. Quick, toss a handful of salt over your right shoulder. Hey, Harry, I got some beef jerk He pours them a couple glasses of water from a pitcher.

Hi, the door’s open. Last night I thought I might’ve been dreaming. Thanks a lot, Harry.

Harry, I took care duber it. I’m going to give you my number. Well I’ll be in the living room whenever you’re ready. She’s holding a martini and looking a little sloshed. Sea Bass pushes Lloyd to his knees. Get over there and talk to her. We can’t let on that anything’s wrong.

You know what I’m sick and tired of, Harry? Mary scresnplay obviously thrown by this question. You go straight ahead, and, uh, you make a left over the bridge. Anyway, enough about me. The town is back that way. I’m going to toss this damn curse right into that damn pond! Let me look it up. Harry slumps fumber the sink, defeated. Tonight, we are deeply honored to have Mr. It’s a beautiful day, huh, Harry? Yeah, she-she grabbed me down the lobby, explained what was up.


Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Harry and Sally were modeled after director Rob Reiner and screenwriter Nora Ephron—except for the falling in love part. Mental looks at the two of them and realizes that they’re serious. If dumberr press or authorities get wind of this, the kidnappers might panic. Get those hands up! The two had many discussions about how men and women view sex, love, and relationships differently.

She told me ten o’clock sharp. I want a one-way ticket to Rio De Janerio departing as soon as possible One minute you’re chewing on a burger, the next minute you’re dead meat. So you’re telling me there’s a chance! Why should I do you any favors?

Maybe we should stay here and try our luck in bankruptcy court.

And I know how frustrating it can be to lose a bag. We’re probably only five miles away.

The Mutt Cuts van pulls up to the curb.