Some of the features described in this manual may required additional parts and/ or labor, and may not be included as part of the standard installation of this unit. two way start engine Eaglemaster E8. of your home or office. Suitable for cars with diesel and petrol engines, for cars with manual and automatic transmission. E8. IMPORTANT: Please read the entire manual for complete details on the features, accessories and operation before attempting to use your security system.

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About Your System About Your System Congratulations on your purchase of this state-of-the-art vehicle security system. Page 5 Hood open when armed. The system allows using three independent or simultaneous options to turn on the function Anti-Hi-Jack.

To exit the mode, simply press the buttons until zzzz icon turn off. High output 6-tone siren optional 7. This feature raglemaster useful for warming up your vehicles engine and transmission to operational temperatures.

It is crucial that these connections are well-made and capable of handling the current demands.

Eaglemaster E8 Manuals

Page 31 Control of the CH-4 2nd stage door unlock If you select this function the stage-by-stage unlocking of driver’s then passengers’ doors one after another is automatically carried out with the remote transmitter if you sequentially press the disarming button. Antenna ZONE1 Extend the whole wire, align it with the intersection Plug-in dual stage of dashboard and the front window glass. E8 control module, five button two way LCD transceiver, four button one way transmitter, dual stage shock sensor, glass mount antenna with dual sided adhesive pad, SPDT relay for starter interrupt, valet eaglmaster switch, status LED, set of wire harness, owners guide.


Control of unlocking of the passengers doors by the signal of one of additional channels CH4 to be programmed respectively. Got it, continue to print. Press the button within 5sec.

If programmedthe channel will constant output 30sec. This can be used to pulse the disarm wire of the vehicle’s factory anti-theft device. Page 25 – Fix time engine start: This feature for the car with dome-light supervision.

Eaglemaster E8 User Manual

The main unit will send the signals to the 2-Way remote about the vehicle current status. Once the vehicle has started, it will run for the pre-programmed period of time either 10, 20,30 minutes or unlimited – see Table-3 of NO. The call can be made by the second person being in the car and enabling the call button on the module of the antenna pager. What’s in eaglfmaster box: CON1 engine start wire connection guide: Zone1 Zone1 Zone2 2nd stage sensor triggered.

If PIN code incorrect insert, the system will exit the mode by given 2-long chirp. The parking lights will flash 3 times to confirm that the vehicle will attempt to start.


Thoroughly read and become familiar with the installation instructions before beginning the installation. Engine running mode Enable check-in range Press once within 5sec.

Remote engine running mode. A control module Tranceiver module One 5-button 2-way LCD remote transmitter One 4-button random code remote transmitter Dual stage shock sensor High output 6-tone siren optional Page 3 Functions of remote transmitters The remote transmitters integrated with the security system use the most perfect and reliable radio frequency transfer as opposed s8 all car security systems being sold at the moment.

The AHJ icon will turn on after 60sec. Don’t have an account? Please read the entire manual for complete details on the features, eagelmaster and operation before attempting to use your security system.

Control of the CH-2 Disarming output for 30sec. Communication range is – meters in open areas. Page 45 Made in Taiwan Page 24 To remote start the vehicle: The system will be immediately armedand siren manul on and the parking lights will start flashing for 30 seconds. System Installation System Installation: