This article shall group Joachim Meyer’s Ringen into collections of similar throws. The Onion – Basics of European Longsword: Part PDF | The XVI century longsword fencing fundamentals of master Joachim Meyer . This Pin was discovered by Sam Lewis. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Mejur should one note when one cuts one of the four cuts through the stated lkngsword, and he is High or Middle, thus should one always cut out to the next line to the displacing.

And thus are named the count of the Stances or Guards, and now all in the work phase will be fully and shortly examined.

There are at least three in Meyer. In advancing come into the right Wrath, and as soon as you can reach him, step and strike at the left ear unto his sword, however in the joachum, even and then pull it, thus lift the pommel and let the blade miss and flow off near his left, and twitch over the head, as to then strike him on the other side, out over his right arm to his head. When you threaten to cut to a place, then you can readily deceive him, therefore in such attacks you must take the ground, as it were, and in your approach act as if you would step small and tight and before he is aware step broadly forth to the attack, allow yourself at first to be seen taking large steps, in this he takes notice, and will ,eyer you quickly in earnest, to get there before you, thus withhold your step and do it neyer, so that he is otherwise in this you take your advantage, and as soon as you see it, that you are quickly at him again meyeg broad stepping.

Joachim Meyer’s Longsword: Beware the Prellhauw!!

Mark when you have bound with one from above, or, at the same time, cut in with him, thus see if he would with the Thwart strike around, [and] thus come before with the Thwart under his blade, on his neck. Item When you have warded a strike twice, thus catch his strike in the air on the Bow, indes wrench with the short edge from below, to your right through his displacement, then at once Cut Crosswise through his face.

This site uses cookies. In addition my need is to know then how in all weapons such concepts can be understood in the short term and be shown and explained, and if not to be returned to, until the Person can explain the sections, so by them if the opposing fencer tries to mark one or another part, one knows with proper displacement how to smoothly move to secure themselves.


This is when you cut a Crooked cut at one, and he holds off hard so that you cannot joachom over, or have other work from above, thus wind under and through with the pommel, and cast the pommel longswoed the other side over his blade or arm from the outside, and wrench downwards and strike in with the long edge deep to his head, or cast the pommel in between both of his noachim, how this figure reveals.

Thus you have fully executed the Blind Strike, which can be made in many ways and from there further on in places. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This guard is used for close-in fighting.

Strike the opponent powerfully through joachiim face, upwards step through the strike after to your opponent with your right foot and leave your sword slide around and set him the first in his chest, Zwerch his arms defend yourself with the strong over your hands, and mark in this, then as soon as he makes his sword too wide in the Long-point, thus lay on with the point outside and over his arm.

Item If you are a Strong man, so come into Changer like before, cut his forward held Bow with the Half edge from under and away from you, cut nimbly after to the face. Note When one does a Squinting Cut against your long cut, thus he opens his right side, therefore do not allow him to come onto your sword but rather change through below and cut him to his right long in from your left after driving through.

Joachim Meyer ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

Just as I introduced pre-fencing, so I have clearly spoken and introduced the Strikes to you. Ioachim you shall mark in the jozchim of the swords, as you shall feel if he has become hard or soft in the bind, with the cut. However, the rapier, dagger and polearm techniques and devices described in Meyer’s book do not appear to concede much to sporting considerations, featuring as they do the thrusts omitted from the longsword section, as well as a range of possibly lethal fight ending techniques.

This one is twofold, one the single, the other one named the double.

Joachim Meyer – Wikipedia

The Key is illustrated in Image D. Stand with the right foot forward, hold your weapon with outstretched arms before you, so that the blade hangs somewhat toward the earth. The double round is this: Where the proper steps are not used, the ancient Fencer commented and covered this as stated in his twelth rule:.

When you stand in the right wrath, joafhim you will be struck at, let the blade hang behind you, and send joadhim hanging blade over your head and under his blade, that you catch his strike on your flat, and your thumbs stand broad across your hilt under you, to then wind or otherwise further work as you want, whatever you can best take longswors.


Art of Combat, Book 1, Chapter 11, Unicorn. Item Meyef an opponent comes before you who will gladly bind long on to you from above or sends his first stroke long at you from the Roof, then when you are near to him or have come to him, slash through before him, up and out longgsword your left, so that your sword’s blade shoots around over your head in the Plunge to his left, Indes allow your sword to snap around back over your head, the right hand over the left and strike in at his right ear with the short edge at the same time as his strike, how it is taught above, do this correctly and step well there to him thus you will hit.

The Onion — Basics of European Longsword: To understand the body mechanics involved in a technique we not only have to train our bodies so we are strong and agile enough, we also need to use…. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat Item If you stand in the guard of the Fool, and he falls on your sword with his own before you come up, then remain below on his sword, and heft upwards; feel meanwhile whether he in the displacing, longword to execute a cut or winding against you, if so, then do not let him come away from your sword, but pursue him, and work meanwhile to the nearest opening.

If he defends this, then fall on his blade with the slice, and see that you hold him, do not let him come away without your advantage, but rather chase after always. How all these are done I will show you joacyim due order, and firstly speak of the Direct Strikes, of which the first will be the Over Strike.

One for a rapier, one for longsword and one for the quarterstaff. Basics of European Longsword: This week we will be taking advantage of one of jeyer greatest benefits from reading somewhat later masters, like Joachim Meyer and George….

The Direct strikes are named such as logsword strike against the opponent with the long edge and outstretched arms. If he then escapes you upward, then you shall pull or wind your pommel back out from under your arm; thus you reverse your sword back around. The initial pre-fencing is the face off from the Stances to the strikes, which are of two kinds, namely the Lead Stances and the Secondary Stances, we start with the Lead Stances.