Cover Page · Author’s Preface · Glossary of Boehme’s Terminology · Chapter 1: What the Manifested God is: and of the Trinity. Chapter 2: Of the Word, or Heart of . Mysterium Magnum Frontpiece. Mysterium Magnum. PART ONE. An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis. written Anno by. Jacob Boehme. Mysterium magnum. An exposition of the first book of BOEHME, Jacob First Edition in English of Boehme’s masterpiece, a mystical interpretation of Genesis.

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Also of the creation of the world and of all creatures. His Wisdom and Power in divine Property are without Limit or Measure, innumerable, infinite, and unspeakable.

From the Essence of the Free Lubet there proceeds forth in the Fire an oily Power, which is the Body or Essence of the Understanding; therein the Fire burns ; and thence the shining Lustre or Glance arises.

In the bitter Compunction. When the Fire is enkindled, then is the Fire-blaze, or Flagrat Salnitral, where the Powers mutually unfold, and display themselves, and come into Division, where the Eternal only Power of God manifests itself, and in the Distinction does seperate itself into Properties, both spiritually and substantially ; as is to be seen in this World ; whence also the manifold Salts arise; which with blehme-mysterium Creation came to be such Matter, which in the Eternity was only a Spiritual Essence, but in the Beginning of Time became gross and hard.

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Longer summary is here. Also at the instant of the Creation of the Stars and four Elements another King was established over him, in this Place in the Elements; which although we could mention, yet at Present it remains in Silence, by Reason of the false Magick; also by Reason of other Superstitions and Idolatries we will not speak any Thing of it here, and yet hint enough to our School-fellows.

This figure stands thus. The Water of Meekness had been good for his Fire- will; but he would have none of boehme-myzterium Whatsoever reaches not the holy Element and the eternal Fire- world, that is void of an eternal Life; for it arises out of Time: The inward Figure standeth thus: Therefore it is called [a] Heart, viz.

And now as the Spirit is, so is the Essence; and as there is an holy sweet Essence, and an holy sweet Spirit, in the Impression of the Free Lubet, so likewise in the dark Impression there is an astringent harsh, raw and bitter Essence and Spirit; as the Essence is, so is also the Bohme-mysterium of the Understanding!

The spirituall figure is thus. Forty Questions on the Soul. I only show thee the temporal Nature thereby, for it is expressed, or spoken forth out of the Eternal, and therefore do not foist in or alledge Calves, Cowes, or Oxen, as it is the course of irrational Reason in Babel to do. A Short Exercise of the Spiritual Warriours: Of the Five Senses.


Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? But when it proceeds from the Fire in the Light, it coagulates, and is the Death of the Fire; whereby the Fire goes out; But if it be of a spiritual Nature, it is the Food and Refreshment of the Fire: Boehme and the Occult Process – Theosophy Magazine Thus we are to understand that boehe-mysterium Evil and Good Angels dwell near one another, and yet there is the greatest immense Distance between them: For it is written in Moses, that God looked upon all that he had made, and behold it was very good.

How Esau contemned his birth-right, and blehme-mysterium it for a Mess of Lentil-Pottage; what we are to understand by this figure. Now we are to consider of the Severation in the Fire: And the third began with the Beginning of Time; when God moved both the inward Worlds, he thence brought forth and created this outward visible World into a Form of Time. There is but one only Ground of All; and that is the manifested God: The egress 4 from the will and mind, which is a spirit of the will and mind.

Of the Sixt dayes worke of the Creation. Of the Creation of Angells, and their Dominion. And in this holy Element, or Spiritual Water, we understand holy Paradise, in which the manifested Powers of God work; which holy Element in the Beginning of boehme-nysterium outward World did penetrate, and pullulate through the four Elements; in which Power there grew such Fruit, wherein the Vanity of the Wrath was not manifest; which Man negligently lost; so that the lively Buddings of the holy Element through the four Elements and the Earth ceased: Moreover, we are to know, that he had his royal Seat in the Place of this World: Else the oily Ground would be enflamed.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. In the Darkness he is an angry zealous God; and in the Fire Spirit a consuming Fire; and in the Light he is a merciful Loving God; and in the Power of the Light he is especially, above all other Properties, called God. Of the Sixth Day’s Work of the Creation. But the Senses arise through Nature with the Motion in the Division of the Powers, where each Power perceives, and feels itself in itself; it is also the Original of Taste and Smell: The outward figure in the Text of Moses stands thus.

To the struggles of the former to understand him, we owe the gradual development of his capacity to convey and express more and more of that which he had received.


Boehme intersperses his spiritual investigations with philosophical reflections. In the Fire he is called an angry God; but in the Light, or Love-fire, he is called the holy God; and in the dark Nature he is not called God. Of Isaac’s birth, and the casting-out of Ishmael, with his Mother Hagar. The third Ground is the Love-desire, wherein the Free Lubet, with its Colours and Virtues of the Powers, has exacuated [sharpened] itself through Nature, and introduced itself through the Fire’s Inflammation into uacob spiritual Dominion; which [Lubet] displays itself with the Powers in the Light in an Eternal Kingdom of Joy.

Mysterium Magnum : Volume One

Many more valuable documents of Boehme and other theosophical- kabbalistic sources, like my ebook on integrative spirituality and holistic science can be found at my main site: The fifth Ground is the watery Spirit, arising from the Mortification in the Fire, where the first Spiritual Essence in the astringent, harsh, dark Desire was consumed in the Fire.

But there are some that in words are so full of reproachings and bitter terms against their brethren, whose words or writings do not please their palate; that they revile one another and return bitterness for bitterness, evil for evil; whereas Michael the Archangel when he strove with the devil about the body of Moses durst not use a railing accusation, but said, the Lord rebuke thee; yet these speak evil of the things they know not: Of the difference of the Heavenly and Earthly Man.

From which desire the hunger entered into the earth; whence the outward body was extracted as a mass; which set the hunger of its desire again upon its mother; and awakened the root of vanity out of the dark impres- sion of the centre of nature, whence the Tree of Temptation, viz. Reader, attend, and mark right; I understand here, with the Description of Nature, the Eternal not the Temporal Nature: Jacob Boehme at Wikipedia Source: In this eternal generation we are to understand three things, viz.

Was it not his Purpose beforehand to rule the magical Ground as an Artist? How Abraham took another wife of whom he begat six Sons, to which he gave gifts; and unto his Son Isaac he gave all his goods; but the other he sent away from his Son Isaac while he yet lived; and also how he dyed, and was buried by his Sons Ismael and Isaac: Philosopher TheosophyVol.

And what is thereby to be understood.