Note: This directory must exist, KompoZer will not create it. To include images and other files in the upload, select the box next to “Include. KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG editor to help you build web pages. It includes web file management capabilities found in many paid programs. When you publish your pages to a web server, KompoZer copies (uploads) your pages to a computer that lets others browse your pages. Most ISPs provide.

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Edit on your computer and then upload the edited template. This means that you are to click on the “File” menu, followed by the “Save” item on the menu that appears. Depending on how you have configured it, your browser will either open the file within its window or offer to save it onto your hard disk.

Make sure you include the http: This is the address that you typed into the “HTTP address” field earlier. The folder probably has other files inside, including a file called “index.

How do I get a dedicated IP Address? How to use multiple PHP versions on your account. Don’t let this scare you though — it’s actually quite easy!

Once you’ve finished with the title, click the OK button or simply hit the Enter key or Return key on the Mac. This field is required because KompoZer will use this information to form links on your site.

How to Design and Publish Your Website with KompoZer ()

This article is copyrighted. There are other things involved in getting your first web site up and running, such as getting your own domain namecreating a search engine friendly website and promoting your web site.


You can’t click it yet, of course, since you’re still in an editor, and not a web browser. When you save, make sure that you choose the “Office ” type of file format. This is very rare nowadays, so explore this last possibility only when you’ve ruled out all others.

Publishing Web Pages with KompoZer

If you get no errors at all, but see the page that you’ve designed earlier, congratulations! There are many kinds of FTP applications. Placing an image file as your default homepage.

Notice that you have prefixed “ftp: You can learn of new articles and scripts that are published on thesitewizard.

Was this article helpful? A more remote possibility is that your web host requires that your page be named something other than “index. For example, if you will use the new site to publish documents related to the “Meteor” project, you might want to use the site name “Meteor”.

Shakespeare’s Website Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time; and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death.

KompoZer runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. By the end of this tutorial series, you will have created a fully functional website with multiple pages, kompozrr a main page, a working feedback form, a Reciprocal Links page, an About Us page, and a Site Map.

Alternatively, browse to the location of the document you want to update by entering the document’s HTTP address the uploaad web address in the Navigator browser’s Location field.

In fact, it assumes you already know how to do this. For more troubleshooting tips, see Solving Common Publishing Problems.


This page was last updated on 2 April PDF files are handy for publishing electronic books ebooks on a website. Assigning a dedicated IP address to your server. Type the URL web address of your website. Was your issues resolved? Copy your PDF file into the folder on your own computer where you placed a copy of your website. An Introduction to Selling E-books. How do I change my File Permissions?

KompoZer Tutorial Chapter 2: Click the Troubleshooting button in the Publishing Status dialog box to get help on solving your publishing problem. You can usually find information on FTP programs in the Help or Support sections of your service provider’s web site. How do I stream Windows Media? When you publish your pages to a web server, KompoZer copies uploads your pages to a computer that lets others browse your pages.

Is the guide complete? Soho Web Builder 2. With the words selected, click “Insert Link You can then open the file at a later time to try to publish it.

When you type, you are typing into KompoZer’s “Normal” mode. Before you enter that address though, you will need to know which directory or folder you need to put your web pages. Did you find this article helpful? You can obtain it free of charge from http: The practical nature of this guide makes it difficult to follow or understand if you’re not doing the things mentioned. Early versions of Windows lacked the ability to open zip files unless you install an archiver that supports it.