Image of Hyphessobrycon eques (Jewel tetra). Hyphessobrycon eques Etymology: Hyphessobrycon: Greek, hyphesson, -on, -on = a little smaller + Greek. Characin fish guide for Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques profile, Red Minor Tetra Facts, pictures and description, Serpae Tetra care, habitat, and lifespan. Descriptions and articles about the Jewel Tetra, scientifically known as Hyphessobrycon eques in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive.

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The serpae tetra Hyphessobrycon equesalso known as jewel tetra or callistus tetra hyphesssobrycon, [1] is a species of tropical freshwater fish of the characin family family Characidae of order Characiformes.

Wild specimen from an unspecified locality in Brazil. I have recently moved 9hrs away from where I was.

Serpae tetra – Wikipedia

I also have a 10 gallon tank hyphessobyrcon up for baby guppies, and baby platys. When the adult equex are well-conditioned a single pair or group comprising one or two males and several females can then be introduced to each container and left in place until eggs are detected typically the following morning. If you want babies, remove the adults! The Loach was depressed in my oppinion hyphewsobrycon the last couple years after his original tank mate got big and I moved him up to a bigger tank.

Another junior synonym, H. Select a breeding pair or small group and transfer them into the breeding tank in the evening. If geography is not an issue many rainbowfishes and cyprinids are also suitable, but be sure to research your choices thoroughly before purchase. Specimen from the Danish aquarium trade.


To keep a good balance, give them a high quality flake food every day. As with any other schooling fish, they thrive in large groups and should be kept in schools of at least six fish. Sexual Dimorphism Sexually mature females hgphessobrycon noticeably rounder-bodied and a little larger than males.

I bought two more to keep my three long living Sarpae alive and happy.

Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques, Red Minor Tetra, Jewel Tetra

Good choices are similar-sized hyphessobrycin, rainbowfish, larger rasboras, barbs, and danios. Serpae Tetra – Quick Aquarium Care. Some none aggressive barbs and tetras may pester a goldfish by making them as an itch object. I got 3 guppies, 2 mickeymouse, 1 color tetra, 1 black moor, 1cat fish, 1 algae, Two would hang out on one side and one on the other. Choose males that are the most colorful.

They have all gotten along very well some light chasing. They do that because if they are nipping each other they are establishing hypheseobrycon as the small 1 inch serpraes are getting bossed around by my 2 inch ones.

The farm-raised fish available in stores are fairly adaptable where water chemistry is concerned and should be happy within the range 5. I just don’t know what to do. Wild specimen from Mato Grosso state, central Brazil. You must be logged in to post a comment.

It is an omnivore and will feed on flake and blood worms. A mature female’s belly will become nicely rounded when she is full of eggs.

Serpae Tetra

Floating plants are also helpful to shield the light. See Breeding Freshwater Fish: They did not offer any hypotheses regarding relationships between the remaining hyphessobfycon although Hyphessobrycon has long been recognised as a polyphyletic lineage and thus is likely to be split into several genera in the future.


Andrea – Hi, my name is andrea, I have 13 fish in all in my 35 gallon tank. Serpae Tetra are usually fine in hyphesaobrycon community aquarium, but they are not always easy to get along with. Baensch, Glen S. If any aggression is seen in the fish, it is usually among conspecifics, especially if they are kept in large groups where they can establish a pecking order a behavior similar to Puntius tetrazona.

He concluded that Hyphessobrycon sensu stricto should be restricted to a monophyletic group of 24 species which share the unambiguous synapomorphy of the Weberian apparatus being orientated dorso-horizontally though the dorsal margin of the operculum with other defining characters comprising a black spot in the dorsal-fin and lack eues visible lateral-line hyphessibrycon in some specimens of H.

Serpae tetra

Will a mom platy go after the baby guppies, they are 1 week old, The platy is due anytime. Retrieved from ” https: They would glide swiftly and brush their sides or bellies hyphesskbrycon the head or any body parts of goldfishes. I had originally bought 5 2 died over like 5 months.

If you can get hold of hyphessobrucon stock slighty acidic to neutral water is advisable. Set up a dedicated breeding tank and remove the parents immediately after spawning, or they will eat the eggs.

They stay close to the surface among the plants and feed on worms, crustaceans, insects, and plant matter.