Related: dance hand mudra, bharat natyam mudra, bharatnatyam mudra, indian dance mudra, bharatnatyam hand, bharatanatyam mudras, kathakali hand. The Natya Shastra lists the following mudras, along with their most prominent meanings. Many others have been developed in the time since, whose histories. Classified as one of the oldest among all the contemporary classical dance forms , Bharatanatyam holds a prominent place in our culture today. Over the.

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I see a typo – ardhapataka and kartarimukha look like the same gesture, bhararanatyam I’ve never seen that before, also Kartarisvastika doesn’t look right This particular list is based on my experience Aparna Sindhoor’s dance instruction and the study of several translations of the Natya Shastram a translation of the Abhinaya Darpana of Nandiksvara and a study of the Nrtyavinoda of Manasollasa – three period buaratanatyam texts. Usually used as an offering indicates receiving, carrying, etc.

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List of mudras (dance)

Indian female performing Bharathanatyam in action of Lord Ganesha. A dancer dances in a studio on a black background.

Woman hand showing Samdamsha hasta hand gesture, also called mudra meaning “generosity” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Her stuff is right on target. It covers all aspects of dance – dance movements, poses, and expressive gestures abhinaya of the hand, face and head. Woman hand showing Simhamukha hasta hand gesture, also called mudra. Had many suspicious differences in definitions of first two sections, and was not entirely in agreement with the Board Translation on Section 3.


Indian female performing Bharathanatyam in action of Lord Shiva the destroyer of evil. Extension and Gajra Step 3The Hair: It’s a comparative study between the Nrtyavindoa, the dance component of an encyclopedic text from A.

Woman hands showing Swastika hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Search by image Oops! Two beautiful girls are dancing Indian dance.

The names and definitions are the same in both texts. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat Pretty much, just the reverse bharatxnatyam the previous pose, not specific as to which hand goes where. With the Surya on the right and the Chandra In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Vector design of kathakali dancer’s face in Indian art style.

bharatanatyam Mudras – bharatanatyam

Image of woman hand in Surya mudra. I love to gab about this stuff, but I won’t stick in that many sources here! Bharatanatyam has three distinct elements to it: Swinging outward hand from side to side, like the trunk of an elephant.

Woman hand showing Katakamukha hasta meaning “Opening in a Bracelet” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Woman hand showing Khatwa hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Gesture is on white brick wall background. Start Here No thanks. Patience, intoxication, arrogance, magnanimity, eagerness, valour, conceit, haughtiness, absence of motion, bhafatanatyam, etc.

It was designed to cover all aspects of medieval dramaturgy – dance, music, acting, costumes, stage construction and many other theatrical techniques. Woman hand showing Tripataka hasta meaning three-cornered flag bharatanatya indian classic dance Bharata Natyam.


Priya Murali Priya Murali, born in a traditional and cultural family, had aptitude for learning dance at the very tender age. Woman hand showing Ardhapataka hasta meaning half flag of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam.

Dance mudra stock photos

When the world was in a state of turmoil and endless conflicts, and greed and desires prevailed, Brahma pooled all the resources from the four vedas to create a fifth veda called the Natya Veda. The plates provided by the author show a relaxed tripataka position. Given the context, I prefer the image shown with this position. The first two sections single and double hand gestures were largely inspired by Aparna. The may also be combined with the same gesture on the same hand, or two different gestures on each hand, as the situation merits.

Image of woman hand in Vayu mudra.

Kathakali performer in the virtuous pachcha green role in Cochin on February 17, in South India. The Natya Shastra lists the following mudras, along with their most prominent meanings. Yoga and healthy lifestyle concept.