It is now possible to JOIN a group and have network wide conferencing to thatgroup. DXSpider does not (and probably will not) implement the AK1A conference. The DXSpider User Manual v Ian Maude, G0VGS, ([email protected]). June revision 1. A complete reference for users of the DXSpider DXCluster . Next Previous Contents. 8. Web based statistics. From version , you can use the freeware software MRTG to produce really nice graphical statistics on your.

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You can read any messages that are sent as ‘non-personal’ and also anymessage either sent by or sent to your callsign. Any Messages sent to you will normally find their way there should you not be connected. What is a DX Cluster?

As DXSpider is being improved all the time, commands will be added as msnual goes by, so make sure you have the most upto date version of this manual.

If you would like to help update and improve the DXSpider wiki, please email g0vgs gb7mbc.

Telnet Access to DX Clusters and Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)

There are several new compatible dxspiderr programs around now, including DXSpider. LEAVE allows you to leave a network wide conference group. There is also a command to clear out one or more lines in a filter andone to show you what you have set. Remember though, all telnet accessible nodes will experience problems from time to time; it’s just the nature of the Internet; so don’t be too quick to report a problem.

If you must change it and it may be useful for internet connected nodeson dynamic IP addresses that go nanual after a set time of usage the timecan be specified as: Shows the full contents of a user record including all the secret flagsand stuff. For now we are going to use spots for the examples, but you can apply the principles to all types of filter. Weather messages can sometimes be useful if you are experiencing an extremethat may indicate enhanced conditions.


Most modern clustersoftware should accept more.

The DXSpider Administration Manual v The DXSpider Command Reference

See theadmin manual for more details. This command allows you to clear remove a line in a route filter or to remove the whole filter.

All the SEND commands will create a message which will be sent either to an individual callsign or to one of the ‘bulletin’ addresses.

You can be a member of as many “groups” dxspder you want.

You can disable forwarding by: If there is a message number, then it will take the message, runconvkeps. You can have multiple qualifiers so that you can have for example: This command allows you to send PCProtocol to unstick things if problems arise messages get stucketc.

To define a database that lives on another node do: The first example will show the distance and bearing to the locator from yourself, the second example will calculate the distance and bearing from the first locator to the second. As default it willgive information for the next three hours for every five mankal period.

You can remove more than one message at a time. Show the contents of all the filters that are set. You can also say ‘all’ which will then print the worldwide statistics. This command allows you to see all the users that can be seen and the nodes to which they are connected. This command allows you toregain dcspider normal privilege level.

We will be adding, editing and improving the manuals as we have time so please be patient: This command is provided so that sysops can set a user’s parameters withoutme having to write a special ‘sysop’ version for every user command.

  AFCENT 36 2903 PDF

If you want to import or update data in bulk to a database you can usethis command. This is an alias for: However if you pass it a string manuall will replicate the string for the width of the screen default 80 and then print that one or more times, so:.

This command is useful in scripts and so forth for printing theline that you give to the command to the output.

Telnet Access to DX Clusters and Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)

For example if I have a one line accept filter: Any match is case sensitive. I have one set frequently: This is to provide some measure of security.

You can use any of the following things in this line: So if you have said: You are expected to return a string which contains the charactersrequired in the correct order. This command allows you to clear remove dxspiider line in a spot filter or to remove the whole filter.

Setting a callsign as a ‘badspotter’ will prevent spots from this callsign going any further. Getting further support — The mailing list You can get further support by joining the mailing list where someone will always try to answer your queries.

Please read this to understand how filters work – it will save a lot of grief later on.