I’ve just set up GoodReader on my iPad2, and the PDF and TextEdit files that I set up with. GoodReader are all encrypted. How do I read them?. I password protected my folder on iPad Goodreader, but I still can access the We have just bought iPad GoodReader and encrypted the files. GoodReader, the document reader which achieved the rank of #2 best-selling iPad app in , now leverages the iOS’s ability to encrypt.

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However, there are special procedures to perform, and also there are some limitations. If it doesn’t, then try browsing for this file in GoodReader’s built-in web-browser, rather than in Safari.

iPad > GoodReader > encrypted files and “… – Apple Community

On your second device go to Connect control panel and tap the Reload list of local servers godoreader there. You can create a startup password, but you can also create an extra password to protect extra-sensitive files and folders. To toggle a star for a single file or folder you can simply tap the star icon in file management mode.

Then press the bookmark button, and then Edit. If any protected item was put into archive, this archive will also be protected. GoodReader takes care of everything when it directly participates in transferring process when using documented WiFi transfer, or downloading files from remote servers via GoodReader’s user interface.


How do I write a note on top of a PDF file?

GoodReader for iPad Adds AirPlay for Video, Encryption, Better PDF Annotations – MacStories

Take another device, and, while it is locked, you should see GoodReader icon at the lower left corner of the lock screen. GoodReader might not have the most elegant interface design seen on iOS, but it sure is packed with features, and it’s an app that keeps getting better and more powerful on each release.

Selected files are marked with a green dot. Usually your device uses the auto-lock feature after a certain period of inactivity screen dims and goldreader turns off. You ejcrypted use Connect to Servers feature to connect to Google Drive. This option is configured on the Application Settings page. If you are able to, I recommend that you watch it with HD turned on.

You can also sync files and folders. Latest iPhone and iPad models also allow the use of Touch ID to unlock GoodReader’s data with a fingerprint this feature needs to be explicitly enabled in app settings.

To access special options for a highlight deletion, color adjustment, etc. Known limitations GoodReader heavily relies on iOS capabilities.

Delete the old address and paste the text from the pasteboard GoodReader has prepared this special text for you.

This button has any effect only if the hardware rotation lock switch is off. Your data protection is only as good as your passcode. Your outgoing mail server may provide a limitation for a total size of files that can be sent in a single message. I am a bit paranoid lately, and I have this: We’ll be sending our newsletters to the e-mail address you enter here: So choose location for your files wisely, using Downloads folder only for those files that can be easily restored or redownloaded.


To create this special bookmark, open GoodReader’s settings, General section, and tap the button called Bookmark for video. GoodReader now offers a workaround to save a flattened copy that’s nothing but the original file with all annotations applied within a page.

Federico is also the co-host of AppStoriesa weekly podcast exploring the world of apps. You can change the meaning or the word recently when finding files in recently read and recently added modes. If you don’t want to open a found file, but only want to locate it, tap on the arrow next to the found voodreader name.

Use ascending or descending sort order.

GoodReader for iPad Adds AirPlay for Video, Encryption, Better PDF Annotations

You can compress multiple files and folders into. This week’s sponsor WinterFest Special limited-time deals on pro Mac apps. How do I goodrdader files from Google Drive?