Liber Null and Psychonaut has ratings and 69 reviews. Michael Postulating the subjective existence of each individual’s ego, Peter J. Carroll offers up an. LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . The Homepage of Peter J Carroll. A Site about Three Dimensional Time. Hypersphere Cosmology and more.

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This book, written originally as a sourcebook for the lOT, is now being released for those who wish to work alone and for those seeking admission to the Order. Only after this aetheric tunnel has developed is the mirror of darkness ready for use.

Peter J. Carroll – Wikipedia

In beginning the great work of obtaining the knowledge and conversation, the magician vows “to interpret every manifestation of existence as a direct message from the infinite Chaos to himself personally. Whatever symbolic system or instruments are used, they act only to provide a receptacle or amphfier for inner abilities. They know what sacrifices are to be made to adjust or placate the essences of things.

This is also a reason that traditional schools used to dole out their wisdom very slowly, and guard it so jealously from the newer Initiates, but those days have been exploded, for better or worse, by the end of Secrecy in our culture.

Everything we will ever do is just a result of how we are made and what happens to us. An idea cannot be said to be completely understood till you understand the conditions under which it is not true. The force of psychonait love may carry one into the power of the mystic void.

Jul 28, Pieter-Jan Beyul rated it really liked it Shelves: By this method, a strong new mental habit can be established. If the relationship were strong, then astrology would be an ordinary secular science. Sigil Magick really works, and so do servitors, because what matters is what you put into it, and how you use these tools. Denying oneself anger, one loses all the rapture of love. Move a single grain of sand on a distant shore and the entire future history of the world will eventually be changed.


The experience I received was this, that my innermost self pstchonaut soul or spirit Was no thing formless without quality nameless pure power. Entities may be bound to talismans, places, animals, objects, persons, incense smoke, or be mobile in the aether.

Liber Null & Psychonaut

Can we still find some use and meaning in them? The choices should not involve anything of spiritual, egocentric, or emotional significance, nor should you select anything with any possibility of failure. Chaos is also the force which adds increasing complexity to the universe by spawning structures which were not inherent in its component parts. This is the same factor which acrroll us access 53 to most of our dream experiences and prevents us from being overwhelmed by the milhons of sensory impressions which bombard our body ceaselessly.

The magician first pwychonaut himself into identity with the god by arranging all his experiences to coincide with its nature. In obtaining the symbolic result, the magician tries to let the magic slip through below the level of conscious control, but must not let the process become merely random. Any sort of material base is a spirit trap in some way, but some substances, notably crystals, absorb aetheric imprints very readily.

Thought gives it shape and Kia gives it power. I read a lot of reviews on here from people who probably know more about this kind of stuff than I do – saying that it’s more geared towards beginners and that it doesn’t explain certain things in-depth enough.

And doubleness is not the end of it. The best methods of obtaining symbolic psychlnaut results are those which are just below the threshold of deliberateness, but above the threshold of pure randomness. Like cardoll physical motionlessness, this mental motionlessness should be practiced at set times and also whenever a period of inactivity presents itself.


It can end its move in any of the positions shown by red ships by using some or all of its 2 Speed and 2 Turn capabilities. Mar 05, David Cheuquen Barrientos rated it liked it. Players set the wind direction and intensity before play, the wind can come from any one of 8 directions.

The results should be recorded in your diary.

Peter J. Carroll

The tendency of things to continue to exist, even when unobserved, is due to their having their being in Chaos. Those who self -righteously psychonautt their own contradictions are mighty on this earth.

Only when the mind is in a state of multiple desire do we witness the idiot agonizations of will-power.

Then he formulates his aspirations in what manner he will, humbling himself in prayer or exalting himself in loud proclamation as his need be.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

In the magical diary, record each day’s formal work and whatever extra opportunities have been utilized. They should also find others capable of aspfring to the Order and offer them help. Directly on awakening, preferably at dawn, the initiate goes to the place of invocation. Only in mutable circumstances can divination come into psychonautt own.

Aug 15, Jonathan rated it really liked it Shelves: Lea “When we are born, we are soft and supple, in death we are stiff and inflexible.