Fax. +49 (0) / [email protected] / www. Technical Data. Modifications or deviations are reserved R Elster A Current favourite; Optional RS; Measuring instantaneous values; active, reactive and apparent; emailed Elster on 5/12/12 for. Honeywell Elster Water is a global business which provides world class metering solutions and advanced technologies to help water utilities to manage their.

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A full set of instrumentation values Voltage, Current etc.

Intended Use 6 1. The RH measures and displays Temperature. The case provides an ingress protection rating of IP This manual describes the feature set of the following firmware versions of the: With the integrated SmartSlot technology, mx systems ag ellster automatic consumer data read-out.

AS Single phase Smart Meter. Product manual – PDF

The communication baud rates are configurable Optical interface Electrical characteristics: R 4 of the 4 energy quadrants Combination of reactive energies, e.

Energy tariff information Maximum demand tariff M1-M2 information Maximum demand reset Alarm indication End of interval Overload conditions Power outage Reverse run detection Electronic pulse output The assignment of the pulse output to the individual measured variables is user-configurable: With the integrated SmartSlot technology, mx systems ag offers automatic consumer data read-out More information.

During the display test mode, you elstre press the alternate button to switch to the “A-button menu” 6. For defining the transmission direction of active and reactive power, the specifications of the load reference arrow system likewise apply.

Buying and installing a smart meter

In the alpha Meter, the following specifications for fatal errors apply, beginning from the left: If in conjunction with the load profile readout there is no entry in the inquiry for the OBIS Identifier of a measured value, the meter will respond with all available measured values in its profile. Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva.


Demand values per period Energy values per period Energy Register every period Features of the load profile storage Load profiles are read out using the formatted “R5” command, which causes a load profile formatted with OBIS to be output. The end of the integration period is always specified by the IP raster. Getting Started Create your project team such that all critical.

The tariff table 1 will be overwritten and the internal tariff control of the meter will only be done by this second tariff a2220.

User manual for load cell transmitters. In that case the demand reset lockout time will not be started. It includes information s about: Start display at page:. Only a password is required. This feature can be used to deter power theft or minimize the effects of improper meter wiring. The measured values involved are displayed in rolling mode, with the data relevant to billing being displayed for a configurable duration e.

Datenblatt A220

Windows XP More information. Most likely I just need the basic model. Recommended by Nipun Batra. This a20 offers important information and suggestions with respect to installation. Any further sale is prohibited without the More information. After the segment test elsetr be displayed the standard data readout list of the meter can be read by the optical port.

After the running reserve has been exhausted, the device clock will start after power up with the time and date information of the last power outage. Time particulars h, min, sec are separated by colons, date particulars year, month, day by the top dots of the colons.


Buying and installing a smart meter

No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in More information. The meter cover is secured by 2 certification relevant seals The case is double insulated to protective class II. RS Only specified the electrical characteristics, not the protocol. The RH measures and displays Temperature, More information. If the elstsr limit after the last touch on the button has been reached this can be parameterized in a range from 1 min to 2 h or the alternate button has been kept depressed for not less than elsted s, the meter will automatically switch over to the operating display.

The user has the option for using an own identifier system but to follow the international standardization the OBIS Identifier system EN is recommended see appendix, chapter In addition, the “R5” command can be used to read out individually all the registers contained in the readout list. These are used to test all important parts for proper functioning. Additionally with a wireless M-Bus communication gas- and water-meters can be readout using the MHz frequency Integrated load profile The meter offers an integrated load profile with up elstwr 8 channels Readout during power outage By pushing the display button the meter is able to display all billing data even if the main power is absent.

Andrea di Rovereto 33 c. The major components More information. The multi-functional integrator Supercal Design The Supercal integrator dlster suitable for connecting Pt or Pt temperature sensor pairs with 2 or 4-conducting wire techniques.