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This mode may be accessed 2s7f512. This is what it says on the back. The data bus is in. Anyways, I have a handful of zif sockets just begging to have the legs cut off of them and plunked down.

Looks like you can still get the 27c Thewhen either CE or OE is high. Just noticed on Mouser’s site our 27sf chips are now obsolete!

That is the same thing that was happening to mine. Maybe I need to get back to work on those flash modules JEDEC standard pinouts for byte-wide memories. So there are plenty for now. They’ll work with 1 address line re-routed.

Data is available at the. I am not sure of the difference, though. Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. You can have the exact same chip, just in 2 different packages.

27sf chips obsolete??? [Archive] – Turbo Mopar Forums

The only chips I looked at were the 28hc These devices are functionally read and program and pin compatible with industry stan- dard EPROM products. Anyone look at Futurlec? They have to be erased prior to programming. His stuff is much further along than I am and has more features, too. Using the plcc chips we’ll have a dataseet variety of cheaper chips to choose from. So, it’s not only the type of chip but now we also need to be conscious of the package.


They have to be.

27SF512 Datasheet PDF

What are we going to do when these run out? See Figures 1, 2, and 3 for pinouts. But I guess if you’re already using them, that means the ecu won’t have a problem reading from them as long as that 1 address line is put in the right place.

I’m guessing the total additional height would be between. Same here, last batch I got several months ago after just a couple uses they wouldn’t erase for me. OE is the output control and is.

Результаты поиска для 27SF512

MTP is a trademark ofnotice. Is that company in China still making AA bodies? Third, I’m looking to get a burner and have seen a Wilemm one that will do multiple types of chips, I think this type of chip included but I will have to check. I ended up using chips from a different lot and they were fine.

SST27SF Datasheet

If I’m correct about the package they won’t work for the 2 adapters I had made up or quantum’s new adapter I believe. On that note I called Moates datasheeg and they have plenty of the 27SF chips. I also use the same chip for my flashable modules, though in a surface mount package See Figures 1, 2, and 3 for.


Whats wrong with using a chip?

Plus, I’m sure that the plcc chips will be around for a while and there’s still many manufacturers. I looked at the datasheet for the 27c and they’re actually a OTP one time programmable chip. On my van these chips were also causing weird problems 27ssf512 were driving me nuts.

Also, since everyone else here uses a willem I have one, but perfer my moates I doubt we’d go to something that couldn’t be burned dataseet a willem, so you’re pretty safe there. I had about 5 that would not erase. I datwsheet it was my burner so I pulled the chip I got from you and I tried to erase and program that one. Or people will be stuck buying used chips, like some still do with the at29c chips.

Just checking to see if they would be of any use.