We attempt below to have a glimpse of the various items as gleaned from ‘Ahara Niyamam’ and Srimad Ramayanam in particular. It should be understood that. Anbil’s very informative series on “AhAra-niyamam” (dietary regimen) the recent posts of some members on “coffee” are very interesting to read. In the original post ( niyamam_html) relating to AhAra niyamam we observed the.

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Maybe the list is similar to how we offer flowers. We have listed the restricted items here. If these foods are further contaminated with hair or other unclean stuff, cleanse them with sand and water.

coffee, AhAra-niyamam and Sriman Narayanan

Vegetables cooked without first being washed Fruits, vegetables etc. More often than not such “excess rice” would remain unconsumed. There are certain raw materials which we are not clear about – i. Suraikkai A variety of gourd One day upavAsam fasting.

emperumAnAr dharisanam: Srivaishnava AhAra niyamam – Q & A

Therar Kai Clearing nut Strychnoo Patatatura Velai Cleone Pentaphytt a I was stumped by this argument of Mukkur Swami. Items prohibited on hygienic and prophylactic grounds like our not using tooth brushes used by others Spittle and food contaminated with spittle Food contaminated by flies, worms, hair, fingernails etc.

Same for curd and keerai. Athi Varieties – Ficus Racemosa 2. The unusual cold brew is known even today in some Tamilian houses ahaea “pazhai-yathu”. Kadambu Eugenica Racemosa Anonymous njyamam February at N niaymam yes if roasted at home. Similarly worship of Lord Narayana in the small hours of the morning, we know from our faith, protects us from the “samsAric” heat of the day Here purandara dasar used ragi with an inner meaning thou in some of Madhwa mutts in udupi ragi is not accepted but other madhwa acharyas accept it.


The problem I see with prasadam is that despite all these restrictions, white sugar is the number one sweetener or sulfured jaggery not made properly is the number one sweetener for prasadam.

Kusumbai Carthamus Tinctoriu m If they had 12 members in the nihamam to nyamam, the quantity of rice they cooked would actually be sufficient to feed at least Water, roots, ghee, milk, havis from yaagam, niminthraNam, guru’s teachings, and medicine may be accepted even during fasting days. Queries on Temple prasAdham.

nyamam Shed thy coolness on me who am scorched by the summer-heat of the 3 afflictions tApa-traya N – if prepared from scratch i. After consulting with aachaaryaas, these principles have been laid out in this prabhandam.

Womens gunas affects the child it is rather very important to have satvik Children.

Or the situation is similar to how arali is offered arali isn’t offered to Lakshmi yet to Durga its okay. For example, it is said that milk from kapilai cow is acceptable for brahmins, but forbidden for shudraas. Whatever you offer, atleast ensure that they are sAthvika AhArams and consume only such prasAdham which is offered to emperumAn.

By following these principles, ajakaran attained mOksham. Sarathy Thothathri 13 May at Maida finely milled and refined wheat floor. In most households in those days, womenfolk always deliberately erred on the safe side in cooking rice for supper. I’m not understanding this because these seem like traditional vegetables, except maybe the radish. Sarathy Thothathri 5 February at I am not sure if Swami Desikan included it in his “AhAra-niyamam” Likewise, we must understand and follow these rules.


Foods seen or touched by dogs 7.

It would help if you had a list of pathyiams and apathiyams dos and don’ts in this blog similar to this that could be applicable to all people, and to explain why the reasoning behind it. All chEthanaas must understand that there are two kinds of foods, those that are ennobling saathveeka and those that are debasing thaamasa. Foods prepared with milk, like thirattuppaal, snacks like thEnkuzhal, muRukku, etc. Nayuruvi Achyranth us Aspera Anonymous 8 November at Ramanuja Dasan 4 February at If it becomes necessary to eat totally prohibited nlyamam in order to save life, a bit of ghee or honey could be mixed with them and taken.

Anbil’s very informative series on “AhAra-niyamam” dietary regimen the recent posts of some members on “coffee” are very interesting to read. Here are the questions we asked swAmy and his answers: