According to Kalachakra Astrology, your basic constitution is determined at the time of birth. With the first breath the biological cycles begin which regenerate the . Kalachakra Dasa was originally taught by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati and that conversation was later recounted by Maharshi Parasara to his. “There is another dasa called Kalachakra dasa, which is the most respectable of all dasa systems”. Kalachakra literally means “the wheel of.

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There are exactly 36 verses listed in Prasna Marga on the Kalachakra. Therefore the Kalachakra starts with 11 and goes from there forward. The following legend comes from ‘Tibetan Astrology’ by Philippe Cornu.

This system is unique to Tibet and is important to establish yearly horoscopes. The Chinese elements are natural dynamic forces of transformation – energies – and constantly interacting with each other. This chapter is just introducing the subject and bringing to use certain techniques to show the depth of the use of the nakshatras. It is illogical to use 10 different dasas interchangably. Then select the jamna nakshatra of the native you are calculating.

Each animal is related to an element which represents its life force, a direction, a specific sex and certain personality treats. Each element has a specific relation to an activity, colour, planet, organ etc. At the core of the system is the very familiar concept of ‘as above, so below’, the correspondence of the outer universe with the inner physical and mental processes in humans.

More importantly, dasa of a rasi gives the results of the house and planets in that rasi. Description According to Kalachakra Astrology, your basic constitution is determined at the time of birth.


Wood dominates in spring and the East, Fire in summer and the South, Metal in the autumn and the West, Water in the winter and the North. Too much or too little of a specific element can become dangerous. Compatibility Requires astfology 8. For example, Aswini 2nd Pada corresponds to the Navamsa sign of Taurus.

Kalachakra Dasa Demystified (Part1)

One can verify this for all Nakshatra Padas. November 2, November 20, Draw three squares, one inside the other and prepare a Chakra as given in the following diagram. The other controversy is about what happens at the end of a sequence and is particularly important if we apply the balance of Dasa to the entire sequence.

If we take that as Rasi and find further Navamsas in it, we get Krittika 2nd — 4th, Rohini lst — 4th and Mrigasira 1st and 2nd.

One could say that almost everything in Tibetan culture is strongly influenced by Buddhism. The Kalachakra kalachakr system forms one of the main building blocks to compose the Tibetan calendar. For someone not too familiar with robes, iconography or rituals it may even be hard to spot the difference.

There is a diagram at the end of this article if needed.

Tibetan Astrology

In the leap from Le to Cn, western direction should be avoided. For example, a political leader may be running D Narayana dasa of a yogakaraka rasi and he may land political power.

When living in a monastery, he would be responsible for establishing the calendar for religious practices and festivals. In the Tibetan system, the lunar mansions have also been connected to the Chinese elements and directions. Astropogy this center Mandala there is a green eight petalled lotus which is the seat of Durga as Vishvamaata who is saffron colored with 4 faces and 8 hands. If you extend these questions to Bhuktis, there are more permutations and combinations.

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Sri Kaalachakra has four faces and twenty-four hands. Benefics and malefics transiting in them affect them positively and negatively respectively.

Tibetan astrology is not only strongly linked to religion, also Tibetan medical practitioners would study astrology and religious texts to determine the timing of medication etc. This cycle is divided in 12 sections, called the signs of the zodiac.

If Gemini has lagna in D, its dasa may give all-round progress in the accumulation of knowledge. Since Punarvasu is a savya nakshatra, Pi becomes deha rasi and Ar becomes jeeva rasi.

One can have different deha and jeeva rasis based on the elapsed portion in the nakshatra pada. Traditionally, a doctor in Tibetan medicine Amchi has also studied Astrology to determine for example the best timing for a treatment.

He may be running the Vimsottari dasa of Sun who may be exalted in D and so he may be feeling powerful. From Chinese astronomy and astrology originate concepts like the Trigrams from the Atsrology Ching, the nine Magic Squares or Mewas, cycles of 12 and 60 years, the twelve Animals, the five elements and the duality of Yin and Yang etc. As Tibetan astrology is so directly related to religion, it is regarded as a practical method to reduce uncertainty and suffering.