FogBugz includes a wiki for creating and maintaining documentation. The. Fog Creek Software Made in NYC and around the world. FogBugz in Two Minutes. “But I only have one minute!” No worries, there’s a .

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This sets the next newly created case to start with this case number. Database may be down or needs to be upgraded. View the distribution of projected overall hours remaining to complete this milesone at this Priority.

If it was Monday at 3pm and you wanted to know what the date would be for something due in 5 hours, it would give you back the next day, Tuesday at 12 noon. For Custom Fields and other plugin fields, documwntation this article. Using user variables to map users to Manuscript.

This functionality is provided for importing cases from another system. This is the data that is aggregated over time in the Burn Down Chart.

If this is absent, only File1 will upload.

Where do cases come from? View the distribution of overall completion dates for this milestone at this Priority. To edit an existing template, click on the Customize Templates link at the bottom the Wikis page. FogBugz has three kinds of filters: When someone enters a new case, they usually leave it assigned to the primary contact. You can choose whether Anonymous and Community users can see and edit the wiki, and you can enable finer controls by setting assigning the wiki to a group.


If this is left off or set to 0, then the API assumes you are looking for all areas that you have permission to read.

FogBugz Knowledge Base – FogBugz Knowledge Base

Using reference Docmuentation to link test cases to Manuscript. Like viewUserTimelineReport, but only including the simulation of the final milestone to be completed by each user.

Note that you can only use this command to raise the next value, not lower it. We’ve recently rolled out a new sidebar as part of taking FogBugz forward. Include latestEvent to just get the latest event.

FogBugz in Two Minutes

Please note that this cannot be undone. Manuscript installation Defect View Url: If this is left off or set to 0, then the API assumes you are looking for all areas that you have permission to read.

Developers work through their cases one by one, in order of priority. Using FogBugz On Demand? Note dkcumentation you can only use this command to raise the next value, not lower it.

Tools: Manuscript

If you are working on a large project team, you may want to have several people who help sort through new cases. Please see this article for details on what’s new, what’s changed, and where you can find all your favorite things.

Each wiki every article can be edited by anybody or you can more narrowly define your permissionsand a complete record of all edits is maintained forever. Any of the optional arguments serve to filter the results.


The meaning is internal to FogBugz. Use the following example URLs to configure the addresses: This is the same data that is displayed in the Per-User Timeline Report. Note that you must be an administrator to see time interval information for users other than the logged on user. You should not need to look at this field. An example of an html page which submits to the api to create a new case and upload a file would look like documentatipn You can edit any document right in your browser: A database of cases, to track bugs, features, and inquiries A wiki, for all your technical documentation Discussion groups Out-of-the-box, FogBugz tracks four kinds of cases: Tags make it easy to find what you are looking for in Togbugz.

The API differs from the web interface in that, rather than listing cases in one action and viewing specific cases in another, you can return both a list of cases and the exact information you want about them all at the same time using the cols parameter.

This is the same data that is show in the Per-User Ship Date report.