Henry Dixon Cowell was an American composer, music theorist, pianist, teacher, publisher, . of his output—important works from this era include The Banshee ( ), requiring numerous playing methods such as pizzicato and longitudinal. Henry Cowell () was an American composer, teacher and pianist. He was a part of the avante-garde movement in music at the turn. Henry Cowell’s The Banshee an audience sits in the dark facing a grand piano on a brightly lit stage. The piano’s lid angles upward, the keyboard waits for.

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To be both fecund and right is given to few. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. There is no other quite like it. Piano Compositions by Henry Cowell. After initially denying the allegation, under questioning he admitted not only to it but to additional sex acts with the teenager and his male friends.

The music, written an octave higher than it sounds, requires the player standing at the crook to stroke and pluck the interior strings in one of 12 specified ways using either the flat of the hand, the fingernails, or the flesh of the fingers. He died in in Shady, New Yorkafter a series of illnesses. As was so often the case with him, Cowell returned to The Banshee inrearranging it for piano and orchestra as the first movement of his Irish Suite.

Archived from the original on His contribution to the world of music was summed up by Virgil Thomsonwriting in the early s: More than 80 firearms and three skulls found in Cannibal Corpse guitarist’s home. After his parents’ divorce inhe was raised by his mother, Clarissa Dixonauthor of the early feminist novel Janet and Her Dear Phebe.

The Banshee, for piano strings, HC 405

He had been radical politically, too, before. Focusing on the variety of innovative bashee and harmonic concepts he used in his compositions and others that were still entirely speculativeit would have a powerful effect on the American musical avant-garde for decades after.


Cowell’s endeavors with string piano techniques were the primary inspiration for John Cage ‘s development of the prepared piano. Create your account Finish Sign Up. Its next concert, in Aprilfocused on the U.

The Banshee, HC (Cowell, Henry) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Henry Cowell was a radical American composer whose inventive techniques changed American music and influenced a generation of composers including his former student John Cage. Conlon Nancarrowfor instance, would refer to it years later as having “the most influence of anything I’ve ever read in music.

AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. While receiving no banshed musical education and little schooling of any kind beyond his mother’s home tutelagehe began to compose in his mid-teens. InCowell had begun writing New Musical Resourceswhich would finally be published after extensive revision in Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer.

Henry Cowell – Wikipedia

Classical music is full of references to the macabre: From the New World: This article has been nominated to be checked for its neutrality. Claire Cunningham, Guy Livingston. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The world’s first electronic rhythm machinewith a photoreceptor-based sound production system proposed by Cowell not a theremin -like system, as some sources incorrectly stateit could produce up to sixteen different rhythmic patterns simultaneously, complete with optional syncopation. In MayCowell was arrested on a “morals” charge for allegedly having oral sex with a seventeen-year-old boy.

Cowell was elected to the American Institute of Arts and Letters in Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. Correct dating and orthography of titles throughout is based on the standard musicography, The Music of Henry Cowell: We also hear some of the rare recordings which Sidney made in the Aran Islands in the s, and even rarer recordings made by Henry Cowell inincluding what is believed to be the earliest recording ever made of keening.


He also had a life-long interest in world music which he shared with his wife, ethnomusicologist Sidney Robertson Cowell. The Piano Music of Henry Cowell. Oja; part of the American Composers Orchestra website.

Views Read Edit View history. The banshee or banshie is a female spirit who alerts a family to the impending death of one of its members by making a wailing sound underneath the windows of the family home.

Streams Videos All Posts. Banshes the publication cowrll the first issue, he solicited contributions from a then-obscure composer who would become one of his closest friends, Charles Ives. See also Miller and Collinspp.

Today they are the Bible of the young and still, to the conservatives, bansheee. His experiments begun three decades ago in rhythm, in harmony, and in instrumental sonorities were considered then by many to be wild. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. They worked closely together—an aspect vital to Grete Sultan’s personal and artistic development. Kwabena Nketiaand Irwin Swack [32] were among his postwar students—and served as a consultant to Folkways Records for over a decade beginning in the early s, writing liner notes and editing such collections as Music of the World’s Peoples —61 he also hosted a radio program of the same name [33] and Primitive Music of the World Note that this source includes a photograph of a man with a Rhythmicon; the man is not Cowell, as the image’s position in the article implies, but an associate, musical theorist Joseph Schillinger.