English] Mitra-Varuna: an essay on two Indo-European representations / Georges Dumezil. Inc. translated by Derek Coltman p.I’ 3-dcI9 BL6. Indo- European. In his work, the late Georges Dumézil, arguably the most important modern mythologist, In effect, Mitra-Varuna presents an archaeology of representations of. Mitra-Varuna by Georges Dumezil, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty

He is considered one of the major contributors to mythography, in particular for his formulation of the trifunctional hypothesis of social class in ancient societies. From the phonetic point of view alone, it is true, they can be explained in several divergent ways, but a convergent explanation is also possible: Their mythology of sovereignty must have been modeled on these practices; and it would have been all the more interesting to have known what precise form it took, for the human depositories of sovereignty among the Slavs appear to have been more than commonly unstable.

Perhaps it would be more accurate, at least for very early times before the rising fortune 65 MITRA-VARUNA that expanded the term brahmana to cover an entire casteto begin with the raj-brahman couple. In India they restored the lost virility of the first sovereign, Varuna, with herbs known only to them. The extent of that domain needs to be measured: I found this book fascinating; learned much. For others, they denote two distinct mechanisms contemporary with one another but opposed in their mode and point of application.

In particular, the equipment of the first lictors is also that of the historical Luperci, who were belted with leather straps and used them as whips. Return to Book Page. The Amas Spanta, the personified abstractions surrounding the supreme Iranian god, are not homologous with the Aditya. In his absence, a magician, Mithothyn, usurps his place and introduces an essential change into the mode of worship: Mitra-Varuna, combines extraordinarv scholarship and theoretical discovery with the pleasures of storytelling.

Dagazwind rated it it was amazing Jan 03, My efforts have been directed at isolating that mechanism. Indeed, criticism has provided me with powerful assistance already, during discussions with some of those present at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes w hen geoorges lectures themselves were first delivered. Eventually, this terrible Great God is appeased: Fie consulted an oracle, which replied: Once again, however, let us be wary of reason.


At the moment, I lack the means to embark upon this immense field of study dumeil any hope of useful results.

A battle shall arise Roman Mythology vvaruna These two stories – which I have not coupled arbitrarily, since they were always consciously regarded by the Romans themselves as inseparable – are clearly seen to illuminate the Nordic facts. We already know enough about such couples, however, to be sure that this bipartition was very important.

That publication contained all the worthwhile results of the first lecture course I was asked to give, under the auspices of Sylvain Levi, at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in I shall always retain a georgex fondness in my heart for the year ; but it is a memory peopled by ghosts. This, Plutarch says, is the origin of the lictores, whose name derives from ligare cf.

The young man resisted, and the master, having veorges out of threats, had him stripped naked and whipped. The text then adds: His entire Yast depicts him as embattled, and he is closely associated with Vrthragna, the spirit of offensive victory.

Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card. Enough, also, to define their limits and originality. At this point, I would like to draw attention to the epithet applied in the Avesta to Mithra: Windisch, Tain Bo Cualnge,p.

Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty by Georges Dumézil

mita Second, the episodes of Codes and Scaevola are two episodes in a single war, which, thanks to Scaevola, is definitively ended by the pact of peace and friendship, whereas the Tuatha De Danann fight two successive wars, the first ended by a peace pact, the second by the extermination of their enemy.

Mythes etdieuxdes Germains, p. However, the quantity and quality of the sacrificial material is an affair for negotiation between the parties. The Taittirlya Samhita VI, 4, 8 states the same fact in cosmogonic terms: Swollen by the interest rates levied upon them, those debts have stripped him, successively, of the field handed down to him by his father and his grandfather, of all his goods and of his freedom itself velut tabem pervenisse ad corpus.


You must guarantee us, under surety, they tell him, the enjoyment of all the products on which you lay georgws hand, houses and lands, and gold and silver and cows and victuals; and also exemption from tax ceis, borrowed from Latin census and fines until the end of your reign.

Mitra-Varuna : An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty

Tuatha De Danann versus Fomorians. What are the lines of force running through the ideological field within which all the details are placed?

The system is truly inherent in the material. Similarly, it would be hypercritical to dismiss as pure auctorial imagination the commentary that Snorri offers on strophe 29 of the Voluspa Gylfaginning The second story to place on file is that of Sunahsepa, which is also important in other respects.

Mitra as brahman, Varuna as king of the Gandharva: Plutarch alone Publicola16after having quoted this opinion first, adds an extremely interesting variant: Thus, geoeges Odhinn, mutilation and function are indeed interdependent: Finally, we are told that the flagellation of female passers-by referred to another, more scabrous incident in the Romulus story: Further, just as Roman history sets Numa, patron of the major flamines, beside Romulus, leader of the Luperci, so India juxtaposes, closely and antithetically associated in a way that ensures their collaboration, Varuna and Mitra: Whenever such a couple georyes or one of mmitra two components, thereby explicitly or implicitly involving the other varuha finds itself engaged in a conflict, its adversary is always external, heterogeneous, as in the conflict we have just observed between Indra and Varuna, or that between the sacramentum and the nexum.

I hope the reader will also take due note that, in the majority of the areas touched upon, there has been no need for me to reconstruct or to interpret anything whatsoever: Their automatic nature – which inspires Numa with his confidence – is less magical than juridical.

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