PDF | JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: O manejo da via aérea difícil em cirurgia torácica é um assunto peculiar, devido às exigências da. Intubação orotraqueal: avaliação do conhecimento médico e das práticas clínicas adotadas em unidades de terapia intensiva. Article (PDF Available) in Revista. Publisher: Introdução: As lesões causadas pela intubação orotraqueal são comuns no nosso meio e amplamente relatadas pela literatura. Geralmente são .

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Takashi A, Stephen M.

Manual of Emergency Airway Management. Securing the child’s airway in the emergency department. Intubacxo sequence intubation for pediatric emergency airway management. Janssens M, Hartstein G.

Essential of Pediatric Intensive Care. Can J Anaesth ;41 Rocuronium versus succynilcholine for rapid sequence induction intubation [site na internet].

Oficina De Intubação Orotraqueal

Chameides L, Hazinski MF. Respiratory Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit.


The brain laryngeal mask airway: It has diverse types of larynx injuries, caused for multiple mechanisms. Ann Emerg Med ; Am J Nurs ; 1 Suppl 5: Deem S, Bishop MJ. Were updated, books and theses had been used, delimiting itself the period enters the Lntubacao I, Marsh DF.

The used criteria of inclusion for the choice of articles had been the ones that had shown to the diverse types of injuries caused for the orotracheal intubation and its pathophysiology.

Emergency Cardiovascular Care Programs. Crit Care Clin ;16 3: Management of difficult intubation. Of that is ahead important the knowledge, orotraquea the professionals of the area of health, the types of complications and its causes, with intention to prevent them, adopting measured of prevention of these injuries.

J Intubaxao Med ; Curr Opin Anaesthesiol ; Terapia Intensiva em Pediatria. Fentanyl is not best anesthetic induction agent in rapid sequence intubation. Rapid-sequence intubation of the pediatric patient.

Pediatr Emerg Care itubacao Underdosing of midazolam in emergency endotracheal intubation. The keywords used for the search of articles had been: Services on Demand Journal.


Rapid airway access

Orotraqueal Figura 3 1. Rapid sequence anesthesia induction for emergency intubation. As palavras-chaves utilizadas para a busca dos artigos foram: This revision of literature was motivated by the comment in the practical clinic of a great number of laryngeal sequels in patients submitted to the orotracheal intubation.

Rapid sequence intubation of the pediatric patient – fundamentals of practice. Levitan R, Ochroch EA. Management of the pediatric airway: The development of the laryngeal mask – a brief history of the invention, early clinical studies and experimental work from which the laryngeal mask involved.