Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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Besides, lists of minimum teaching aids and equipment needed by each category of schools should be prepared. Saiyidain, Sohan Singh and group secretary, S.

The new educational structure should be as follows: Participation in programmes of community development and national reconstruction should be an integral part of all education from the primary to the under-graduate stage Education for Xommission Understanding Schools should promote international outlook through the study of humanities and social sciences, simultaneously with developing national consciousness.

A new educational structure was also developed. The Commission had some unique features, they were – i Not to limit its inquiry to specific sectors or aspects of education, but to have a comprehensive, review of the entire educational system. Athalye later replaced by S. Higher secondary education should be fixed for two years and degree course should be for three years.

NaikPrem Pasricha, V. These should, as far as possible, be single campus universities; but where necessary, they may have constituent colleges on different campuses.

Mudaliar Commission or secondary Education Commission At the secondary stage, the State Governments should adopt, and vigorously implement, the three-language formula which ‘includes the study of a modern Indian language, preferably one of the southern languages, apart from Hindi and English in the Hindi-speaking States, and of Hindi along with the kohari language and English in the non-Hindi speaking States.


The group was one of the largest and had 20 members, including three overseas members, J. Unique Feature of the Commission. Increase in Productivity – The Commission suggested that education must be related to productivity to increase national income.


Among the members of the commission 5 educationists were from England, Comimssion, France, Japan and Russia. Provision of facilities for secondary and vocational education should conform broadly to the requirements of the developing economy and real employment opportunities. Kothari, chairman of the U.

The members were A. With a view to accelerating the growth of the national economy, science education and research should receive high priority. But this commission was not to kothhari its enquiry to specific sectors or aspects of education, but to have a comprehensive review of the Entire Educational System.

Kothari Commission

Chhabra, Dinesh Mohan, B. There should be encouragement of women teachers at a stages of education and teachers working in tribal areas should be given special training and allowance, assistance for the education of their children and residential accommodation. The most urgent reform needed in education is to transform it, to endeavour to relate it to the life, needs and aspirations of the people and thereby to make it a powerful tool of social, economic and cultural transformation necessary for realisation of our national goals.

It will relate education to productivity iothari also as a means of social and national integration.

It has the commissiln benefits: It interviewed about kotuari and women distinguished in public life, educators, scientists, industrialists and scholars in different fields and others interested in education. Teaching aids and equipment will be prepared through kotjari. Broad Areas of curricular studies at secondary stage as recommended by the Kothari commission are meant for two stages: Working Group on School Curriculum This group had one of the major tasks of the commission which included the design and development of a standardized curriculum to be used across the country.

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Organization of social and national service programmes concurrently with academic studies in schools and colleges and to make them obligatory for all students at all stages; 2. An education system which does not renovate itself continuously, becomes out-dated and puts hindrance to progress.

Kothari Education Commission ()

Efforts to commisssion made to spread Hindi in non-Hindi speaking areas, as it are the official language of the union and the lingua-franca of the people. One language regional Mathematical studies Environmental studies Creative studies Health studies Work experience. Wadiwa and the secretary of the group, Gurbax Singh were the members.

Shumovsky Sadatoshi Ihara, Members. Kothari commission strongly recommended that distance education through correspondence courses should be organised 9164-66 a big way to provide education to the millions: Special emphasis needs to be laid on the study commussion English and other international languages.

The possibility of establishing autonomous book corporations on commercial lines should be examined and efforts should be made to have a few basic textbooks common throughout the country. Not only are the resources scare but the problems are exceedingly complex. Equalisation of Educational Opportunity 3.

Kothari Education Commission (1964-66)

The recommendations of these two commissions kothzri not be succeeded in its full implementations. Two-fold strategy should be taken to combat illiteracy. Views Read Edit View history.