09/Aug/, CC, 80, 01/Jul/, 25/Oct/, National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Consequential Amendments) Act. Recent Cases Bankruptcy Act Year & No: Act No. 33, Purpose: An Act This item may be affected by COMMONWEALTH REDRESS SCHEME FOR . Bankruptcy Act (Cth) – CC – Start date: 26/10/

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Subdivision G—Trustee may be compelled to comply with requests for information etc. Vesting of property on making of order Certain provisions in trust deeds void Bankrupt must open and maintain supervised account Resolution for personal insolvency agreement Trustee to supervise withdrawals from supervised account ZIH Liability of legal personal representative Proof in respect of distinct contracts Punishment of contempt of court Making a debt agreement Official Receiver may require persons to make payments The notes at the end of this compilation the endnotes include information about amending laws and the amendment history of provisions of the compiled law.


Proof in respect of proportionate part of periodical payment For more information about any editorial changes made in this compilation, see the endnotes. If bankrupt claims not to be in receipt of income Simplified outline of this Part Functions of committee of inspection Announcement of proxies and attorneys If a provision of the compiled law is affected by a modification that is in force, details cat included in the endnotes.

Execution of personal insolvency agreements Prevention of proceedings relating to debts Redemption of security by trustee etc Superannuation contributions made to defeat creditors—contributor is a person who later becomes a bankrupt Duration of registration as a debt agreement administrator F An Act relating to Bankruptcy.

Trustee may administer oaths etc Record of proceedings or evidence No stamp duty payable on a debt agreement Financial affairs of a company Certain provisions in bills of sale etc. Personal insolvency agreement to bind all creditors Accepting a debt agreement proposal for processing Acceptance or rejection of declaration For the purposes of this Act, a trust is associated with a person if, and only if, the person:.


Remuneration of the Official Trustee Proof of debt by secured creditor Debts provable in bankruptcy Deferred payment of interest charge or realisations charge Bankrupt or debtor who is a party to a debt agreement obtaining credit etc. Release of the Official Trustee Borrowing for the Common Fund Discharged bankrupt to give assistance Application of the Criminal Code Bankrupt must open and maintain supervised account Termination of personal insolvency agreement by creditors Moneys in Common Fund not held on account of particular estates etc.

Trustee to supervise withdrawals from supervised account Election of person to preside at ctn For more information on any uncommenced amendments, see the series page on the Legislation Register for the compiled law.