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Physical chemistry – laboratory class

Dispose of the mathematics knowledge chemiw solve simple derivatives and integrals and mathematical analysis of functions that describe the relationships between different physicochemical parameters. Thermodynamics description of mixtures. Can collate the gained knowledge to related scientific disciplines and can work in interdisciplinary teams. To obtain the course credit the student must: Evaluated results of the experiment must be reported to teaching assistant in a written form as a final report.

Make simple experiments associated with physicochemical quantities determination, describe and interpret the obtained results. Can present in a popular manner the actual problems connected with physical chemistry and electrochemistry. Calculate the basic physicochemical quantities dealing with thermodynamics, phase transitions, electrochemistry and chemical kinetic.

Physical Chemistry Laboratory IA – 30h – University of Warsaw

He has received the honorary doctor degree from the University of Leningrad St. Has knowledge of bases of calculation methods, statistical, and application software excel, allowing their use in the preparation of the results obtained in the experiments carried out.


To obtain the course credit the student must: Theoretical background to other branches of chemistry: This course is related to the following study programmes: Information on level of this course, year of study and semester when the course unit is delivered, types and amount of class hours – can be found in course structure diagrams of apropriate study programmes.

Another area of Prof. Evaluation of the results and final report preparation – 6 x 4 hrs. Evaluation of the results and final report preparation – 10 x 4 hrs. Theoretical and practical acquaintance with methods of physicochemical quantities measurements.

Has the skills to practical use of learned on exercises, calculation methods and application software in everyday and professional. This course is not currently conducted! You are not logged in log in. Here he completed his Master degree thesis on the kinetics of ion exchange ingraduating with a Masters degree in chemical engineering. Related to study programmes: The entrance test checks students’ knowledge of: Investigation of surface phenomena and properties of colloid solutions.

For three terms, from its creation, he was a member of the Central Qualification Committee for Scientific Staff in Poland. Can interpret and make the description of phenomenological and molecular processes and physicochemical properties of systems, which touches on the lectures and move them to the systems in the real reality.

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All the experiments must be completed and all the final reports must be evaluated positively eksperymebtalna order to be eligible to take the midterm exam.

Physical Chemistry Laboratory IB – 60h – University of Warsaw

Relationships between conductance and concentration. Oznaczanie, obliczanie, zastosowanie, PWN, Warszawa, The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge of methods and equipment used in eksperymentaona of basic properties of physical systems. The entrance test checks students’ fiyczna of: In he started to work as vice-assistant in the group of Physical Chemistry directed by Prof.

Experimental determination of thermodynamics magnitudes partial molar volumes, activity coefficients, free enthalpy, enthalpy and entropyreaction rate constants, dissociation constants and stability constants of complex compounds.

Laboratory — 60 hrs.