Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts is a great timesaver for GMs trying to introduce players to GURPS that might be bogged down in analysis. The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts lightly armed thug. Loadout lenses provide choices web page is for subsets . Get the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts – Warehouse 23 MARTIN and JACOB WALKER An e23 Sourcebook for GURPS STEVE JACKSON GAMES.

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If I had to fish for a complaint besides the one about all the interesting equipment being mixed in throughout the asides it’s that the necessarily? In the immortal words of Marge the Barbarian, “Less shop, more chop!

GCA Repository

Every set gives the skills needed to use it, total weight, overall cost, and advice on trading points for cash or Signature Gear dungekn afford it. All packages are shown by default, add filtering terms only if you wish to narrow the list of shown packages. Each of those headings is prescribed a singular loadout.

There are even package costs and weights for alternate SMs, allowing you to outfit any adventurer from a pixie to an ogre. Knight of Bronze — Sun Nov 14, This halfling has wilderness experience, possibly from being dragged all over hells half acres by a bunch of inconsiderate dwarves. This file includes the Sorcery template and lens from Pyramid 3 82 Magical Creations.


All perks and quirks so far. Type Characters Data files Sheets Sheet profiles. Leave the accounting for later, when you come home with the loot! This data file contains the Monster Slaver template and some equipment items from Pyramid Fantasy Folk for 4th Edition — Thu Apr 26, Elementals — Sun Jul 18, They gjrps being enduring loafouts being reasonable, and prefer a direct approach over subtlety their tendency to rattle and squeak usually ruins subtle efforts.

Big, dumb, and Ugly. It also includes the various magical lineages and removes spells rated as inappropriate to the genre in that article. This is a first draft.

See more at http: Kabeiroi Racial Template — Thu Apr 22, Simply look up your delver’s profession anything from Dungeon Fantasy and pick a few lenses and options to get a decent set of equipment for him — all the armor, weapons, and other gear he needs to get out there and 31 having adventures. I bought it just to finish out the series, but it happened to be extremely valuable. I intend to gurp Size Modifier selection eventually.

This preliminary GDF v1. With some great foresight, the precalculated packages all include precalculated weights and costs for size modifiers.


Overview This book is 54 pages, with the obligatory 3 page pre-amble, and loaeouts page index and an ad to buy more books, giving us 49 pages of content. Add Divine Favor to your dungeon crawls.

Type Characters Data files Sheets Sheet profiles. This is a data file for DF 14 Psi.

Warehouse 23 – Warehouse 23

It contains udngeon, traits, and equipment. The Kabeiroi are a friendly but determined people, prone to considering the situation, picking a position, and then loudly refusing to budge.

Kabeiroi Racial Template — Thu Apr 22, Fantasy Folk for 4th Fanyasy — Thu Apr 26, They value being enduring over being reasonable, and prefer a direct approach over subtlety their tendency to rattle and squeak usually ruins subtle efforts.

Now you can more easily create and equip characters for the self appointed good guys of the star fleet universe. Surf our site for the files you want. The book is organized just about as well as it possibly could be, with the 16 main templates having their loadouts listed in alphabetical order.

Sean Punch 54 pages.