Taqī ad-Dīn Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah known as Ibn Taymiyyah for short, was a controversial . Al-Maqdisi later on, came to give Ibn Taymiyyah permission to issue Fatawa (legal verdicts) when he became a mufti at the age of . the Qur ‘an) called Al-`Aqidat al-Hamawiyat al-Kubra (The creed of the great people of Hama). [AUTHOR: Imam Taqi al-Din Ahmed Ibn Taymiyyah (d) | TAHQIQ Majmu’ al -Fatawa (Great Compilation of Fatwa) was collected centuries after his death. Fatawa al-Hamawiyah al-Kubra (sm) الفتوى الحموية الكبرى. | Arabic | Majmu’ Fatawa – Ibn Taymiyyah (37 in 20) مجموع فتاوي ابن تيمية. | Arabic |.

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In Their Own Words.

He clarified the reality of their condition and showed that it was an obligation to fight them, firstly, because of the consensus of the scholars on the obligation of fighting any group that openly rejects and resists the laws of Islam and secondly, explaining that this ruling is applicable to the Tartars because of their condition.

How would they respond to the women who cast themselves in the Kunar River in Laghman, fleeing from rape at the maimu of the Red Army, in order to guard their chastity? As for those beyond them, at some distance from the enemy, it is fard kif ayah for them unless they are needed.

The very existence of truth is a danger to falsehood. He obtained knowledge from him and the other shayukh of his era.

Scholarly Perceptions Religion Compass,p. That Friday, theShaykh, together with two of his sons, Ibrahim and Muhammad, along with one of the sons of the late Shaykh Tamim v Adnani another hero of the Afghan jihaddrove along the road.

One of his opponents, Ibn al-Makhluf, the Maliki Judge said: Ibn Taymiyyah headed for them in the year H with a group of his companions and requested a number of them to repent and they enjoined the laws of Islam upon them.


Ibn Taymiyyah

In stagnant water, water moss and decayed matter float on the surface, whereas flowing water will not carry scum on al-kunra surface. Abdel-Nasser executed both al-lubra them to please his American masters. In this case, the communal obligation fard kifayah is overturned. Prosperity of the Ummah, and surplus of its resources “My sustenance has been put under the shadow of my spear. Amjmu the enemy enters the land of the Muslims, jihad becomes individually obligatory fard v aynaccording to all the jurists, mufassirin and muhaddithin.

In al-Bazzaziyyah, it is reported, “If a Muslim woman is abused in the West, it becomes obligatory on the people of the East to rescue her. During this time, the Muslims in Afghanistan have endured as manmu as mortals can endure in the course of protecting their religion, honor and children.

Pilgrimage, for example, is compulsory on those who are able to perform it. None of the Predecessors have said that this condition is one in which jihad is Fard kifayah, nor have they said that the permission of parents is necessary. He wrote polemics against Christians.

Jihad is the obligation of a lifetime, just like salah and fasting. Protecting the oppressed in the land Among the incentives for the Al-atawa Jihad is the protection of those who are weak and oppressed in the land, and lifting injustice off them.

Ibn Taymiyyah –

This blessed jihad was established by a handful of youths who were nurtured in Islam, and by a group of scholars who devoted themselves to Allah. And what is the matter with the fathers that they do not urge one of their sons, so that he can grow up in the rearing-ground al-fatqwa heroes, and the lands of men, and the grounds of battle?

It was the road Shaykh v Abdullah would use to drive to the Friday prayer.

In order that the Disbelievers do not dominate. It al-faatwa also not easy for its enemies to make it have suspicions about its heroes’ excursions. It is best to shun the company of those who hold back from jihad and not to enter into arguments with them, for this would lead to idle disputation and hardening of the heart.


The implication of “fi sabilillah” in the Path of Allah is jihad, as Ibn Hajar has said.

Whenever two people fell into dispute over msjmu matter – and they could be from the people of knowledge and students alike as noticed from some questions – his opinion would be the deciding factor. During the Munazara his views on divine attributes, specifically whether a direction could be attributed to God, were debated by the Indian Scholar Safi al-Din al-Hindi, in the presence of Islamic judges.

Fatawa Bin Taymiyyah – Arabic – Sheikh-ul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah

Retrieved 16 January But Allah has excused those of advanced years; the small children; and the women who neither find any scheme for liberation, nor know the path to the Al-fatada of Honor, nor are able to emigrate to the land of Islam or to arrive al-kubrw the base for Jihad. He gave a broad definition of what constituted “aggression” against Muslims and what actions by non-believers made jihad against them permissible. People then arrived praying over him at his grave, those who had not yet managed to pray previously.

Mature propagators are still the talk of the hour in the Islamic jihad of Afghanistan, and the subject of pressing necessity and glaring need.

Sa v d chose him for the important task of reconnoitring for information about the Persians, in which he showed outstanding courage. Ibn Taymiyyah left a considerable body of work, ranging from according to his student Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya [] to according to his student al-Dhahabi.