Interchar , Interchar , Interchar , Interchar and Interchar Interchar can be specified for structural beams, columns and. This approval relates to the use of Interchar for the fire protection of of Interchar (excluding primer and top sealer) required to provide. Interchar | Anti-corrosion solutions | Adress A. Kojelavičiaus g. 17, LT Vilnius.

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Cut another two to the depth of the column plus twice the thickness of the board Adjust the length of adjoining boards to ensure that board joints are staggered by at least mm. An explanatory section has been added to the text.

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Columns are frequently constructed so that a single length will be two or three storeys high. Consult International Protective Coatings for temperature limits for specific end use requirements. The Fire Test Study Group UK FTSG is a forum for technical discussions and intercharr between consulting fire test laboratories involved in producing test and assessment information for the purposes of building control. In order to avoid confusion to the user of this publication. Further information regarding industry standards, terms and abbreviations used in this data sheet can be.

The fire protection thicknesses embody safety factors which are incorporated within the EN assessment procedure or which. Where the factor is greater than 1 a value of 1 is to be used.

C January March BS It is hoped that eventually there will be a basis for international ingerchar data exchange. No-objection letter issued in The assembly shall be supported by structural steel beams that are fitted with a proprietary fire protection system of suitable thickness for the relevant fire resistance period and for the section factor of the beams.


The equivalent sections must cover the range of section factors and thickness. The assessment methods can be used to derive thicknesses.

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Store in dry, shaded conditions away from sources of heat and ignition. When the elements of a lattice beam are to be interrchar protected.

From the intercepts derive the limiting section factor for each required period of fire resistance for each of the nominal dry film thickness plots. The protection techniques referred to as Profile and Box are explained in Section 1 Figs. In the case of walls. There are three basic assessment protocols which initially refer to I-shaped or H-shaped sections.

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This standard makes reference to the EN Series of standards which contain general information about conducting fire resistance tests. If rules 2 and 3 are not satisfied the relevant point is omitted. Fire protection materials for structural use Applications: Since this document may be subject to change and updating, it is an uncontrolled document. Assessment procedures have therefore been developed which allow the performance of a range of steel sections to be estimated from the information gained from a limited number of tests.

British Gypsum Ltd Knauf Fireboard Alternatively a wire mesh fixing grid is formed around the steel section and the mesh cut to form a fixing grid. Cafco International Steelguard FM These reductions in loading can be justified using statistical evidence of actual measured imposed floor loading.


Predictive analyses at each critical temperature with summary of test results and summary of analysis data. Association for Specialist Fire Protection 75 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www. Product description Gypsum based type 5F.

Reactive Fire Protection Products e.

It also defines the limitations of the assessment and the permitted direct application of the results to variations in the tested system e. Il progetto dei sistemi di protezione dal fuoco delle strutture di This applies to thicknesses specified using section 3 or 4 of this publication.

For information on 1 and 2-sided applications. This ratio ibterchar be plotted against web post width. Upgrade reinforced concrete slabs and beams up to 4 hrs.

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On intercyar use For internal applications only C August July August Updated information on place of manufacture to be provided by the manufacturer.

The Association encourages experimental work related to passive fire protection and promotes consideration and discussion of all issues affecting the fire protection of structural steel and buildings.

Association for Specialist Fire Protection 50 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www. Consolidating interxhar information on the performance of fire protection materials. Steel Preparation Requirements No special requirement 7. Once units of paint.

The fire resistance of a compartment wall or floor that is penetrated by protected structure also needs to be considered.